Employee Spotlight: Steve Cole

Employee Spotlight: Steve Cole

Steve Cole serves as a Senior Principal at Maven Wave. Cole studied Management Science (Operational Research) at Lancaster University and received a masters degree in Market Research from The University of Georgia. Cole has 20 years of experience in the field of marketing analytics. One fun fact about Cole is he was a DJ in college!

What does your position as a Senior Principal entail?

In my position, I will be helping our customers take full advantage of the Google Cloud Platform. I will focus on utilizing machine learning and other technologies to enhance their marketing processes.

How do you keep up with the trends in marketing analytics?

I read a lot! I also follow groups on LinkedIn to continually educate myself on new trends in the field. Additionally, I’ve developed a strong network of professionals in various roles to understand how their companies are utilizing marketing analytics. 

What is the biggest challenge you face in your position?

Marketing analytics affects the core of a business. When we consult clients with a new strategy/solution, we are asking them to change the way they think and the way they use technology. Our goal is to transform their business and create a new customer experience- this is the most challenging aspect of marketing analytics. We are developing a completely new experience for our customers and this shift can be a difficult adjustment.

What do you hope to accomplish at Maven Wave?

I love to create innovative solutions and at Maven Wave I have the opportunity to deliver creative end-products. I have the ability to collaborate with teams across Maven Wave to transform businesses through marketing analytics.

What are you most excited about in your role?

I am most excited about working alongside the people here at Maven Wave. From the day I started, it was clear the culture was great here. We have a group of very smart and motivated individuals here and I’m looking forward to working in an engaging culture like this.

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