Anthos Under the Hood: The Technologies That Will Transform Enterprise Applications

Anthos was developed by Google Cloud’s experts for organizations managing applications in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world.

In this free ebook, “Anthos under the hood: The technologies that will transform enterprise applications,” Google Cloud provides an in-depth look at each layer of the Anthos platform and how to leverage its capabilities―so your organization can move forward with its goals of modernizing applications for the cloud era. Inside, you’ll learn more about:

  • Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management
  • Defining configuration and enforcing policies across environments
  • Managing and securing traffic between services
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving application performance
  • Simplifying the developer experience with serverless anywhere
  • Modern CI/CD with automated development tools and expert guidance
  • Deploying enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box integrated solutions

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