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The Secret to Successful Cloud Adoption: Change Management

On-Demand | 45 minutes

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If you build it, your employees will use it – or at least, you hope so. A company adopting new cloud technology such as a data warehouse invests great time, effort, and funds into the project itself, but the success of your migration and analytics project ultimately depends on employees embracing and using the technology.

So how can you drive cloud adoption at your company for success beyond deployment? The answer lies in building a solid change management program. Join Maven Wave’s experts for insights on how to accomplish this at your organization.

Attendees will learn more about:

  • why so many cloud analytics projects fail at the adoption stage
  • the key elements of change management
  • the primary roles affected by a technology change
  • how to address necessary changes to processes, team structure, etc.
  • how to overcome resistance to change


Brookley Calvin
Principal, Change Management

Maven Wave

Jay Goebel
Senior Principal, Data & Analytics

Maven Wave

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