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How to Secure a Hybrid Cloud Environment

On-Demand | 35 Minutes

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Establishing security protocols for any IT infrastructure can be challenging, but when dealing with a hybrid cloud and on-premise environment, there are additional considerations to take into account. On-premise environments and cloud environments often have different fundamental philosophies around security, so extending one into the other requires careful planning to ensure the combined hybrid environment is secure.

Join Maven Wave’s infrastructure experts for a complimentary webinar on to learn best practices for securing your hybrid cloud environment. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Examples of hybrid cloud architectures, including Anthos and VMware
  • The best practices for securing a cloud-only environment
  • The challenges that securing a hybrid cloud environment present
  • How to manage the transition between cloud and on-prem
  • The tools you can use to manage a hybrid cloud environment


Shannon Rush
Cloud Solution Architect
Maven Wave

Bart Calvin
Infrastructure Engineer
Maven Wave

John Slater
Solution Engineer
Maven Wave

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