Webinar Series

Mythbusters: Cloud Adoption Edition

On-demand | 30 min


Companies want to become more agile, dynamic, and automated, but there is a significant parallel between the static infrastructure that is holding them back and a static workforce. IT leaders want to be more dynamic in both their infrastructure and their workforce by moving to the cloud, but what does the journey really look like? This cloud-centric future is not a threat, but rather cloud adoption presents an opportunity to shift not only the technology but company culture to be forward-thinking.

In this three-part webinar series, we will address some of the most common myths around moving to the cloud. Whether it’s cost, culture change, or running containerized applications across clouds, you will find that having a plan in place is key to cloud adoption success.

Watch one, two, or all three mythbuster webinars.

Learn more about these cloud adoption myths:


Adam Gabor
DevOps Practice Lead
Maven Wave

Brookley Calvin
Organizational Change Management Practice Lead

Maven Wave

William Nelson
Senior Consultant, Infrastructure

Maven Wave

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