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Chrome Enterprise & Maven Wave – Driving Your Cloud Transformation

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The modern worker needs access to their business apps at any time, from anyplace. And hand-in-hand with the desire to enable a remote workforce comes the need to transition employees to cloud-based devices. Chrome Enterprise helps enterprises overcome the challenges that come with cloud transformation and transitioning employees to become a cloud-based workforce.

Join us to hear Maven Wave’s Derrick Nadonga and Google Cloud’s Zack Lapetina discuss the advantages of the Chrome Enterprise platform in an evolving workplace environment. Derrick and Zack will be diving into two major use cases (although, there are so many more!) as well as highlighting Maven Wave’s workshops and services to bring your Chrome Enterprise productivity to life. 

Part I: Cloud Native Usage
Learn how employees can work anytime and from anywhere with cloud-based work tools utilizing a Chrome OS device, a Google Cloud identity or 3rd party identity, and cloud-based apps.

Part II: Chrome Enterprise with Virtualization (VDI)
We’ll explain how utilizing Chromebooks with virtualization allows employees to access legacy apps while migrating towards the future of work.

Part III: Maven Wave’s Workshop and Services
Before adopting Chrome OS at scale, many organizations need to understand how Chrome OS will be rolled out and managed in their environments. Maven Wave can assist in developing a roadmap for adoption, including helping to identify first movers and potential integrations into current desktop management systems.

In addition, we encourage you to continue your engagement with Maven Wave and Chrome Enterprise by registering for the Chrome OS Demo Day occurring on December 3rd. Chrome has announced new solutions to help you accelerate your move to Chrome OS. See demos and learn about the Chrome OS Readiness Tool, zero-touch enrollment, Chrome Enterprise Recommended apps, Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise, and the newest productivity features.

Derrick Nadonga
Solutions Engineering Lead
Maven Wave

Zack Lapetina
Strategic Partner Manager
Google Cloud