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App Modernization 101: Taking Legacy Apps to the Cloud

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In a world where there’s an app for just about everything, strategic development of dynamic, engaging applications that cut through the noise has quickly become integral to enterprise success. 

However, many businesses have an application portfolio that includes legacy apps with reliance on traditional data center infrastructures. Application modernization presents an opportunity to move away from the cycle of continuous investment in capital outlay. 

Beyond cost savings, truly modernizing your portfolio presents the opportunity to revisit the business goals and desired outcomes behind your legacy apps and translate those into cloud-based applications. But transforming a portfolio consisting of hundreds of existing applications is an enormous undertaking.

Stream our webinar to learn how to modernize your legacy applications in the cloud. 

This webinar will discuss: 

  1. An overview of the different approaches for migrating a legacy application: lift and shift, replatforming, and refactoring
  2. How to identify your apps that are the best candidates for cloud transformation
  3. Factors to consider to get the most value out of your app transformation
  4. Steps to creating a roadmap for the project
  5. How app experience design helps reimagine the customer experience

Paul Nelis
Senior Principal Consultant

Maven Wave

Adam Matthews
User Experience Architect
Maven Wave

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