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Webinar: A Disaster Recovery Program That Actually Works

Webinar: A Disaster Recovery Program That Actually Works2020-03-13T10:06:09-05:00

Is Your Disaster Recovery Program Up-To-Date?

Disaster recovery (DR) plays a crucial part in the business continuity plan for any business. If a disaster were to strike your business and cause you to lose your critical systems and data, what’s your plan? Are you still paying for a backup facility “just in case” you need it in case of an emergency? Are you paying too much for DR?

There’s a way to optimize your existing disaster recovery program to minimize costs while still keeping all of the necessary pieces in place. The solution lies in the cloud.

Watch our pre-recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Key considerations for developing and improving your DR plan
  • Challenges with traditional DR infrastructure
  • The benefits of moving your DR to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Data replication tools and architecture for migrating your workloads to GCP

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