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WayPoints is a comprehensive mobile workforce management solution that leverages Google Maps technology.

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Introducing WayPoints

Our solution keeps your field workforce connected and allows them to route and plan their days, while giving managers visibility into employee’s daily activities and their territories. WayPoints maximizes the efficiencies of your workforce to cut company costs and boost sales. There are 2 unique views:

  • Field Optimization Tool for field representatives
  • Managerial and Reporting Tool for manager

Field Optimization Tool

WayPoints drives productivity for field representatives by improving the efficiency of their daily routes.

In today’s competitive market, it’s essential for an outside workforce of sales representatives, technicians, or clinicians to stay connected. With WayPoints Field Optimization, the routing tool will connect to your CRM and identify the optimal route to reach the maximum number of accounts in a set timeframe. By linking to your CRM and the Google Places database, representatives can discover additional prospecting opportunities within range.

Customizable features include:

  • Optimized routes

  • Account filters

  • Live traffic data

  • Street view imagery of accounts

  • Automatic schedule optimization

  • Location-triggered automation

  • Available on desktops, tablets, and mobile

Managerial and Reporting Tool

Sales managers face a variety of challenges when it comes to optimizing field representatives; from defining overlapping territories, to inefficient routes, and new employee training, managers often lack the technology to get the job done efficiently.

WayPoints Managerial and Reporting Tool offers a real-time visualization for sales managers to oversee their team’s activity throughout the day. Leveraging the Managerial Tool allows them to view several reports that will maximize their team’s efficiency.

Managerial dashboards include:

  • Information about representative’s frequency of visitation per account

  • Time documentation at each site

  • Mileage verification

  • Real-time tracking to reroute representatives or assign new accounts for better routing

  • Territory analysis

WayPoints Tablet

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