Realize Your Market Potential

How can you rank new prospects by potential revenue and identify opportunities for new business with your current customers? Discover opportunities in your target areas with Maven Wave’s new Uncover B2B prospecting solution powered by Google Cloud’s machine learning capabilities. Uncover is built using your current customer sales data, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps Platform, and a variety of data sources customized to fit your prospecting needs.

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With our comprehensive solution, you will be able to:

  • Render prospects dynamically on Google Maps Platform

  • Identify upsell opportunities

  • Rank new prospects by potential revenue

  • Export pertinent data

  • Organize your sales territories based on the new prospect model

So, what does this look like in action? Imagine you are the Sales Director for a brewery targeting New York City, a huge market teeming with restaurants and bars. You need to determine where to focus the limited resources of your team to sell your newest release, a premium lager. With a sea of prospects in a saturated, competitive market, where should you start? Enter the Uncover solution.

You quickly set your location parameters and then select two segments where you think the product will perform well: Sushi/Asian Restaurants and Craft Beer Bars. Uncover immediately renders results on a Google Map, showing 2303 Sushi/Asian restaurants and 48 Craft Beer Bars in your area, 70 of which are existing customers.

Uncover - Google Maps Platform

You click in to look at one of your current customers, Uncle Boons. Based on the portfolio fit index for this customer, Uncover shows that 50% of the beer sales at this restaurant are for premium beer products. Just like that, you’ve identified an upsell opportunity. You reach out to your sales representative on the account, he makes a call and, in a matter of minutes, you’re one step closer to hitting your target.

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