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Designing Digital Experiences

2018-08-27T09:30:16-05:00April 28, 2017|Experience Design, Innovation Posts, UX Posts, White Papers|

Maven Wave’s Approach to Great User Experiences For any business or organization, it’s clear to see that customers and employees are changing; by 2020, people will likely manage 85% of their relationships with little-to-no human interaction. We live in a world that is increasingly social, mobile, and easy to use, with an emerging generation of [...]

Why UX Matters

2017-09-01T10:45:37-05:00October 31, 2016|Experience Design, Fusion Blog|

Peter Bartsch, UX Architect As the enterprise is digitally transforming, exceptional UX design is crucial to staying competitive. The essence of good UX is dependent on how the user interacts with the design—usability is vital. We dug deeper into the field of UX with Peter Bartsch, one of our UX Architects, who gave [...]

6 Things That Have Changed About Consulting

2017-09-01T10:48:42-05:00July 21, 2016|Digital Transformation, Fusion Blog|

As technology becomes more sophisticated, more analytical, and more social, the very nature of the work we do is changing. For nearly two centuries, corporations have been organized by function (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc.) with the goal of efficiency. Work has been assumed to be divisible by corporate function, and therefore specialization is assumed [...]