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6 Analysis Tools for Optimizing Your Feature Portfolio

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In our previous article, “Roadmapping for Success, A Product-Based Approach to Life Science Software,” we promised to discuss some of the analysis tools in more detail, and how to pick the right set of tools to optimize your feature portfolio. There are more tools to review than the length of this article allows, so the [...]

Consumerization of IT and the Marriage of UX and Agile

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According to a recent Tech Pro Research study, 74% of organizations have or are developing some form of BYOD policy (ZDNet, Jan 2015). Users both inside and outside the four walls of the enterprise want simple and easy to use apps to do their jobs. Data visualization is increasingly playing a role in the management [...]

Roadmapping for Success: A Product-Based Approach to Life Sciences Software

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Rising demand and ever-changing technology expectations of end users has ushered in an era of cloud-hosted Life Sciences IT platforms. These platforms have ever increasing plug and play applications aimed at delivering maximum business value. Delivering high value information systems requires a deep understanding of the end user and in-depth analysis to identify the optimum [...]

DevOps: Beyond the Buzzword Part II

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In part one of this article, we discussed the history leading up to the Agile movement and its implications for software development. This new way of doing things - in short sprints and in constant dialogue with the business stakeholders - was a watershed moment. But technology continued to move forward and the innovations of the [...]

DevOps: Beyond the Buzzword

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DevOps is the new black. Any glance through LinkedIn job titles, job boards, or software packages will tell you that the buzzword DevOps is hot right now. Gartner says that “DevOps will evolve from a niche to mainstream strategy employed by 25% of Global 2000 organizations.” says that DevOps is “redefining IT strategy.” But [...]

Agile Development for Financial Services

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Agile. In a series of blog posts, Maven Wave has detailed both our commitment to and success with Agile methodologies for software development and project management. In most cases, Agile delivers superior results to traditional, step-by-step, “waterfall” style development. The principles of the discipline naturally foster [...]

The Cold Hard Truth

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ALM tools can tell you the truth about your code - but what if you don’t like what you see? Gloria Steinem once said “the truth will set you free...but first it'll piss you off!” This reality frequently hits home with many organizations implementing Application Lifecycle Managment (ALM) tools. They find their velocity has [...]

Why Docker Matters

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Docker containers are more than the latest IT trend. When used properly they can revolutionize your software development process.  If you’ve been reading the trades over the past several weeks, you have probably seen some articles about a new tool called Docker. Wired magazine has called it the next big thing. ZDNet said with Docker, [...]

US Foods

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Company Profile US Foods is the 2nd largest food distribution company with over 250,000 customers. It’s customer base consists of restaurants and institutional cafeterias ranging in size from fortune 500 corporations to small “mom and pop” restaurants. Key to developing this market-share is an advanced e-commerce platform that allows customers of all sizes to [...]

Techniques for Enhancing Individuals and Interactions

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In our most recent Agile blog, Building Agility through Individuals and Interactions, we described how the Agile model, if executed with the right mindset, will enable team members to drive execution and communication inherently within the process, without leadership mandate.  We hope you found this concept to be insightful, but now you are probably [...]