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CIO vs CEO: Finding Middle Ground

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IT holds a special place in the digital age bringing value to the enterprise through technology. As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are relying on IT to not only keep the current systems up and running, but to keep pace with digital technology advancements. While IT plays a vital role, the business demands can [...]

New FDA IT Requirements in 2016: Are You Planning Accordingly?

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Nearly two years into the FDA’s five year plan to invest in IT to meet the goals set forth in the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) and the Generic Drug User Fee Act (GDUFA), the FDA released two draft IT plans. The industry needs to keep a close eye on where the FDA plans [...]

Sunshine, Rainbows, and Lollypops

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The latest update to the Maven Wave Partners study on corporate spending on hardware, software, and the IT workforce has been published.  As you can tell by our headline above, the results for 4Q 2011 and the outlook for the future are very rosy indeed. As we reported in third quarter, the MIT Index (a bellwether [...]

“Prediction is Very Difficult, Especially If It’s About the Future”

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This quote, attributed to the Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, reminds us of the futility of trying to accurately predict what’s ahead for the economy as we begin a new year.  Following on the heels of the volatility we experienced in 2011, it’s probably a safe bet to say that 2012 will serve up surprises of its [...]

New IT Spending Study: Growth Continues…

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On Friday, The Wall Street Journa reported unemployment numbers that were released by the Labor Department showing that for the first time in 11 months, our unemployment rate did not improve but remained the same for August at 9.1%. With continued skepticism of the economy and our employment outlook, there is a “silver lining” for those of [...]

New Data Shows IT Spending Catches Fire in First Quarter

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Today IT executives and CFOs learned about the latest IT spending and investment trends in separate stories written this week by CIO and In May, we released the first Maven Wave Partners IT Spending & Investment Study showing the “IT Spending Squeeze” brought on by the financial crisis of 2008 ended in 4Q 2010. As a result of the [...]

‘IT Squeeze’ Over – Strong Tech Earnings Support Study Findings

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Recent strong technology sector earnings announcements from IT giants such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle support our findings that, despite the largest ‘IT squeeze’ we’ve seen in years, spending on hardware and software is back in 2011. Last week we released the Maven Wave Partners IT Investment Index (the “MIT Index”), a new bellwether measure of investment in IT spending.  The MIT [...]