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Google Doubles Down on the Enterprise with Google Cloud

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Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning, and digital communications. The competitive advantage of the future will be achieved with digital technology. The cloud partners that you choose will matter. It amounts to picking which technology curve to bet on, and it’s a long-term [...]

Google’s Increased Investment in the Enterprise Cloud

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Last week, Google made an important announcement regarding their increased investment in the future of the cloud computing business, and more specifically, their investment in the enterprise market. It was announced that former VMware founder, Diane Greene, will lead a new team that will combine all of Google’s cloud businesses. This includes Google for Work, [...]

Where Does Innovation Come From in the Enterprise?

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Innovation in the enterprise can be difficult to achieve. Many organizations have competing priorities, conflicting business goals, or teams operating in silos, all of which can constrain innovation. Technology has the ability to transform the way people work, and with the right tools and increased engagement, employees can share ideas, attend meetings remotely, and partner [...]

Think Creatively and Innovate Boldly: Lessons from Atmosphere

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Earlier this week, Google hosted their digital work event on innovation. The live stream event consisted of several interviews with industry leaders on how they are taking business innovation to new levels. The impressive lineup included Tim Brown from IDEO, Laszlo Bock from Google, and Jonathan Mildenhall from Airbnb.  We were inspired by the speakers and [...]

Register for Atmosphere 2015

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Take the best seat in the house at Google for Work's largest digital event as we explore creative ways to innovate and work together. Hear from keynote speakers who’ve disrupted industries and inspired global change. Then, select one of our in-depth discussions on collaboration and business security.

Working with Maven Wave: Briggs & Stratton

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Maven Wave has a very innovative and collaborative relationship and partnership with Briggs & Stratton for the past 2 years. This video features Sarah Alt, IT Director at Briggs & Stratton, and her experience working with Maven Wave. Testimonial : Briggs and Stratton Learn more about Google for Work here or contact [...]

Esna and Maven Wave Deliver Real-Time Communications

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Esna and Maven Wave Deliver Real-Time Communications Inside the Cloud Apps People Use Everyday We are excited to announce a partnership with Esna, a leading provider of embedded collaboration solutions, to help enterprises across North America integrate real-time communication and collaboration with Google for Work. With Esna’s innovative product suite, Maven Wave will be able to put robust [...]

Google Enterprise is now Google for Work

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Google never set out to create a traditional “enterprise” business - they wanted to create a new way of doing work. So the time has come for the name to catch up with this ambition. Yesterday Google introduced a new name for their enterprise business, "Google for Work". Google recognizes how different work is today from 10 [...]

Register for Google Atmosphere Live: 10/1

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Google top experts and noted innovators will get to the heart of the matter at Atmosphere Live, an invitation-only, interactive live stream for business leaders. Discover how forward-thinking companies are helping employees get more done anywhere, redefine teamwork, and bring new ideas to life faster than ever before.  


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To help serve their clients and customers better, Standard Parking and Central Parking merged to become SP+ in 2012 and became the largest parking management company in the country.  To be able to scale this large-scale operation, SP+ migrated to Google Apps for Business to improve communication and collaboration capabilities. Maven Wave helped SP+ make [...]