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Google Doubles Down on the Enterprise with Google Cloud

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Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning, and digital communications. The competitive advantage of the future will be achieved with digital technology. The cloud partners that you choose will matter. It amounts to picking which technology curve to bet on, and it’s a long-term [...]

6 More G Suite Features You Need to Know

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Hidden within the core G Suite tools—Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, and Sheets—are tricks to improve your experience and streamline your work day. As we discussed in our first edition of 6 Little Known G Suite Features, Google is continuously evolving and it's essential to stay up to date on G Suite features that you can integrate within [...]

Maven Wave Expands Google Partnership to Include Google Maps for Work

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Maven Wave Partners announced today that the company is expanding our cloud solutions to include Google Maps for Work. Google provides customized and interactive mapping solutions for businesses leveraging their market-leading Google Maps services. Google Maps is helping businesses to transform their products, analytics, and user experiences by providing geo-infused information and experiences to [...]

Maven Wave Partners with Virtru for Google Apps Encryption

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Data security remains the single biggest concern for enterprises considering a move to the cloud. Companies want the cost savings and collaboration afforded by platforms like Google for Work, but they often require more enhanced security and control than what the platform provides by default.That’s why Maven Wave is excited to introduce our newest partner, Virtru, [...]

Preserving the Human Connection with Video Communication

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Business has become increasingly global and the boundaries of what constitutes a “workspace” has evolved to virtually anywhere, anytime. Driven by today’s globalization and decentralization of the workforce, video communication has become an essential component of work productivity. Video allows companies to reach many people quickly and cost effectively. There are endless use cases [...]

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Collaboration as the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

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In today’s digital world, the only thing that’s constant is change. This couldn’t be more true in today’s enterprise. There are new consumption models that have completely changed the way consumers purchase, new buyers in the enterprise that are influencing technology outside of IT, and new business models that are embracing digital engagement with [...]

Maven Wave Named Google’s Rising Star Partner of the Year

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The Maven Wave Google team attended Google for Work's annual global partner conference, TeamWork, in Las Vegas last week. The 3-day event included keynote speakers from Google's executive team, breakout sessions on enabling the digital transformation of work, and networking with like-minded Google partners. In addition to providing strategies for 2016, Google also awarded partners for [...]

Unified Communications for the Modern Workplace

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Maven Wave recently co-hosted an event at the new Google office in Chicago, focused on the topic of unified communications; the integration of real-time, enterprise communication services. Along with Google for Work and Dialpad, we discussed how to create a truly unified communications experience to reduce IT costs and increase efficiency. Below you’ll find a high-level [...]

6 Little Known Google Apps Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Google Apps for Work is continuously evolving with new features and product updates. To make your work life a little bit easier, we’ll keep you up-to-date with recent enhancements and provide some fun tips and tricks. Check out our top 6 little known features that you need to know about Google Apps! Voice Recognition Typing Let [...]

Why Google Apps for Work is Winning the Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Cloud Race

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The battle is certainly on between Google and Microsoft for winning the hearts and minds of enterprise businesses looking to take their messaging and collaboration needs to the cloud. The Google Apps for Work suite has been the disruptive force in enterprise collaboration, shaking up what had become a very complacent Microsoft, since they became [...]