STAC MidWinter Conference Recap

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The polar vortex that gripped Chicago from the latter half of December through the New Year briefly relented last week, just in time for the Security Traders Association of Chicago to hold their annual Mid-Winter Conference. Attendance was strong, with over 600 registered for the event, and a program that combined the old (e.g. [...]

2017 CME GFLC Recap

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Ten years ago, the CME Group could have been forgiven if they determined that lady luck simply wasn’t on their side. It was the second week of September in 2008 and they were set to kick off the first edition of the Global Financial Leadership Conference (GFLC) when the financial markets were sent [...]

Blockchain: This Will Change Everything

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Blockchain can be an incredibly hard topic to cover or it can be really easy. Blockchain is such a new and, in most cases, untried technology that it can be easy to make some bold metaphysical statements and sound pretty smart. Instead, the goal of this white paper is to put a critical lens [...]

2017 FIA Expo – Day One

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FIA Expo kicked off on Wednesday and while attendance was down, any decrease in numbers was more than offset by upbeat news, particularly from both regulators and technology providers. Regulators? Yes, regulators. When I was growing up, I couldn’t believe that grown-ups liked to do things like watch the evening news and read obituaries [...]

Can Blockchain Transform the Healthcare Industry?

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Blockchain is driving change in financial markets, but it will also serve as the catalyst for transformation across many other industries. Front and center: healthcare. Maven Wave Principals Andrew Dunmore and Nick Polachek describe the five foundational characteristics of blockchain and explore how these factors apply to the future of blockchain in healthcare. [...]

July 2017: The Trading Show and FOW Trading Show Chicago

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Source: The Wallpaper Cave As spring turns to summer, there is a flurry of activity as industry trade shows take advantage of the nice weather before calendars become cluttered with vacation time and business winds down to the languid pace of the warm weather months. In Chicago, Terrapinn’s “The Trading Show” and [...]

Ready for Take-Off: Blockchain Adoption in Financial Services

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No technology has captured the public's imagination over the past couple of years more than blockchain. While the roots of the technology can be traced back to the ‘90s, the actual implementation of the concepts of a distributed ledger began to take flight with the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. While bitcoin attained something of [...]

Tabb Fixed Income Event

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The Tabb Group holds a fixed income summit each January that serves as a key gathering point for the industry; an industry that has been dealing with many of the same challenges that face other financial markets: increasing regulation, change spurred on by new technology, and the ensuing market structure shifts that have altered [...]

Sunny Skies for Financial Services in the Cloud

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The financial services industry has been slow to adopt cloud technologies but numerous indicators point to a change in acceptance, including demographic trends and a counterintuitive boost from new regulation. What led to the initial cloud reluctance and what direction is cloud for financial services headed in the future? Financial services is one of the [...]

2016 FIA Expo – Day Two

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There’s just no escaping the energy let down that comes with the second day of FIA Expo as the biggest stars appear on day one and the panels become either more specific or less on-point and, therefore, somewhat less interesting. Still, there was plenty of content to chew on with the FIA Innovation Award announcement [...]