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Ask the Expert: Google Cloud Platform

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With the Google Cloud Platform, companies can quickly and cost-effectively keep up with the pace of today’s digital transformation. The Google Cloud Platform allows businesses to build and run applications, and store and analyze data, all on Google’s Cloud. Google has made major investments to meet the demands of the enterprise market and have been [...]

#MicrosoftVsDOJ: Data Privacy & Security in the Information Age Part 2

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In our first post in this series, we discussed the recent Apple vs. FBI case in which the FBI was asking Apple to hack its own phone in pursuit of the perpetrators of the San Bernardino terror attack. Though the complaint was withdrawn, government, business, and individuals will be wrestling with the contradictory impulses of [...]

Crossing the Data Disposal Finish Line

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Maven Wave Senior Principal, Brad Foster, will be presenting at the IBM Insight conference next week. This conference is focused on big data and analytics and Brad will be presenting on “IBM Stored IQ and Maven Wave Data Disposal Accelerator to Expedite the Process of Data Disposal.” Below is a sneak peek into his presentation. [...]

Who Needs an ILM Strategy? 3 Characteristics of a Good Candidate

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In a recent survey, responding companies were found to be using only 30% of the data they had under management and that total data volumes are growing at a rate of 35%. The central premise of Information Lifecycle Management is to manage the data explosion that most companies are facing today by keeping only what [...]

Jump-Start Your ILM Program

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Six Strategies for Getting Started As data volumes continue to skyrocket, companies are looking for ways to manage the rapid growth as well as the cost and risk impacts that come with it. Information Lifecycle Management is the practice of reducing cost and risk by archiving and disposing of data that has no value to [...]

Bringing Personal Cloud Storage to the Enterprise

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While personal mobile devices in the workplace tend to get much of the publicity and attention, the larger concern has recently become the prevalence of personal cloud storage accounts used to store confidential, corporate data. In fact, nearly 90% of people surveyed admit to having a personal cloud storage account and 70% used that account [...]

Big Data Becomes Big Cost If You Don’t Manage It

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2013 has been termed the “big data” year as the business and science worlds focus on how large datasets can give insight on previously intractable challenges. Companies are now churning out massive volumes of data and capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers and operations.The growth of data can be attributed to [...]

Mitigating the Risks and Costs of Data Storage

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Information Economics 101 Introduction We recently asked Brian Bradley, a Senior Principal with Maven Wave, to answer the most common questions his prospects and clients pose about Information Lifecycle Management, or ILM.  Brian has had recent experience leading ILM engagements for several large companies in the financial services and healthcare industries. His responses follow below: [...]

A Smarter Way to Cut Storage Costs

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Information Lifecycle Management A quick Google search on the phrase “Big Data” generates over 900 million responses.  In comparison to other recent trending terms, that’s about 850 million more than “trillion dollar coin” and three times as many as “Gangnam style”.  There’s no doubt that “Big Data” is a big issue for all industries.  In [...]