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Cloud Migration

Future of Work, Cloud Migration, & More: Maven Wave’s 2021 Content Recap

Last year marked the beginning of an unparalleled shift in the way we experience our day-to-day, including how we experience work. Across every industry, the COVID-19 pandemic threw many people and businesses into a mad dash as they scrambled to set up hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of employees to work from home or enact safer avenues for service delivery.

New Ways of Working and The Path to Collaboration: A Journey Into the Future of Work

As enterprises across the globe enter a new era of work, many questions remain: What will the office of the future look like? How will collaboration tools support that? To answer some of these most pressing questions, leaders are turning to their teams and the lessons learned from the pandemic to build collaborative, innovative, and flexible work from anywhere powered by Google Workspace.

What is Cloud Migration?

When it comes to network architecture, nothing beats the agility, efficiency, security and cost savings that the cloud can provide. But if your company is still relying on legacy infrastructure and looking to join the multitude of companies across a range of verticals that are turning to the cloud for business operations, you’ll need a good cloud migration strategy.

Top 4 Tips for Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

Migrating workflows can be daunting: from understanding and identifying the full scope of the migration backlog to readying the operations team and provisioning the infrastructure. Meanwhile, you’ve got the overhanging stress of consumption [...]

How BigQuery Enables Limitless Scale for ADARA

Company Profile ADARA empowers the world’s leading travel brands to grow the industry together. Built on the world’s richest travel data co-op, ADARA offers people-based insights for travel companies. Clients get a value-based [...]