Business Transformation


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Company Profile The world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Business Situation Nike wanted to better understand their customers and to integrate the company's view of the customer across all of Nike's semi-autonomously managed businesses for a variety of [...]

Techniques for Enhancing Individuals and Interactions

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In our most recent Agile blog, Building Agility through Individuals and Interactions, we described how the Agile model, if executed with the right mindset, will enable team members to drive execution and communication inherently within the process, without leadership mandate.  We hope you found this concept to be insightful, but now you are probably [...]

Accelerating Value with Google Cloud Platform

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Over the next couple of months, Maven Wave will be participating in several Google Executive Cloud Summit events in cities in Canada and the US.  This week we are in Toronto and Montreal, discussing the many opportunities for businesses with the Google Cloud Platform. During our portion of the presentation, Maven Wave is focusing on [...]

Build Agility through Individuals and Interactions

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What is the single most important factor in leading a project to exalted success or bitter failure?  Communication! “Communication” is a vastly overused term, so let us be clear about what we mean when we talk about good communication. We want teams to be efficient in making decisions quickly with effective outcomes.  We want [...]

The Missing Link: Artifact Repository for Development Teams

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An artifact repository can get all of your development teams working together, regardless of where they are located. Without an artifact repository in place, your organization may look like this: Without an Artifact Repository Does this look familiar? You work on one or more large enterprise application You have many groups of developers working [...]

IT Investments for Strategic Agility: An Introduction to Agile

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Why did Maven Wave chose Agile? Maven Wave specializes in custom solutions for companies that are looking to strategically enhance their competitive edge in their industry.  Studies show that the most “successful enterprises get the infrastructure balance right because they make regular, systematic, modular and targeted investments in IT infrastructure on the basis of an [...]

Who Needs an ILM Strategy? 3 Characteristics of a Good Candidate

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In a recent survey, responding companies were found to be using only 30% of the data they had under management and that total data volumes are growing at a rate of 35%. The central premise of Information Lifecycle Management is to manage the data explosion that most companies are facing today by keeping only what [...]

Collaboration and Innovation: Maven Wave Google Customer Summit

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Maven Wave hosted the first annual Google Customer Summit on November 13. We invited senior leaders who have "gone Google" to join us for the afternoon at the Maven Wave offices in Chicago. The goal of the day was for our clients to learn how others are leveraging Google within their business, network with Google-minded [...]

Something a Little Different: Maven Wave and Google at the FIA Expo

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Attendees of the Futures Industry Association (FIA) Expo in Chicago got a taste of something a little bit different as Maven Wave teamed up with Google to present a high-level vision of how the cloud can transform a business. Jason Lee presenting at the FIA Expo Led by Jason Lee, partner at Maven Wave, and [...]

What Running a Marathon and Change Management Have in Common

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Watching Meb Keflezighi place fourth in the men’s Olympic Marathon reinforced a useful analogy for us:  change management projects and marathons have a lot in common. The most obvious similarity? Tenacity. Meb, 37, having suffered a number of physical setbacks including a broken hip in 2008, was one of the oldest marathoners in London and [...]