Business Transformation

Building a Digital Business for the Future

2017-09-01T10:51:45-05:00April 18, 2016|Digital Transformation, Fusion Blog|

Maven Wave recently participated in the 2016 AGENDA conference, hosted by IDG Enterprise in Amelia Island, FL. AGENDA is a business leadership conference focused on transforming the enterprise for the digital world. The conference is attended by digital leaders from all over the country who are leading transformation efforts in their organizations; C-level executives, VPs, [...]

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Collaboration as the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

2017-09-01T10:51:55-05:00April 5, 2016|Digital Transformation, Fusion Blog, Google Apps Posts|

In today’s digital world, the only thing that’s constant is change. This couldn’t be more true in today’s enterprise. There are new consumption models that have completely changed the way consumers purchase, new buyers in the enterprise that are influencing technology outside of IT, and new business models that are embracing digital engagement with [...]


2016-12-06T15:47:55-05:00August 27, 2014|Case Studies|

To help serve their clients and customers better, Standard Parking and Central Parking merged to become SP+ in 2012 and became the largest parking management company in the country.  To be able to scale this large-scale operation, SP+ migrated to Google Apps for Business to improve communication and collaboration capabilities. Maven Wave helped SP+ make [...]

Journal Communications

2016-12-06T15:48:00-05:00June 5, 2014|Case Studies|

Company Profile Journal Communications is the operator of 33 radio stations, 13 television stations, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Business Situation Speed is paramount in the news media industry. The first to file breaking news wins. To transform their business into one which enables rapid-fire communication and collaboration, Journal Communications engaged Maven Wave to help deploy Google’s [...]

Equity Residential

2014-07-16T01:48:35-05:00June 3, 2014|Case Studies|

Company Profile Equity Residential is an S&P 500 company with over 4,000 employees that owns, develops, and operates high-quality apartment properties in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Business Situation With a distributed base of employees across more than 400 locations, Equity Residential has the need for effective, multi-approach, real-time communication across a highly mobile [...]

Buildings Merchant Maintenance

2016-12-06T15:48:01-05:00June 3, 2014|Case Studies|

Company Profile Merchants Building Maintenance offers a full complement of janitorial and window cleaning services. In addition, sister companies Merchants Metal and Stone Restoration, Merchants Engineering, Merchants Environmental and Merchants Landscaping Services provide clients the option of a multitude of services under one corporate banner. Business Situation With several companies under the Merchants Building Maintenance umbrella, our [...]

Maven Wave Named #2 on the Crain’s Fast Fifty List

2016-12-06T15:48:01-05:00June 2, 2014|Fusion Blog|

We are excited to announce that we are #2 on the Crain's Fast Fifty list of the fastest growing companies in Chicago! The Fast 50 businesses are ranked by five-year revenue growth. Maven Wave has grown 8,089% since 2008, helping us land a top spot on the list. Targeting sectors that are undergoing major changes, such [...]


2016-12-06T15:48:01-05:00May 25, 2014|Case Studies|

Company Profile The world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Business Situation Nike wanted to better understand their customers and to integrate the company's view of the customer across all of Nike's semi-autonomously managed businesses for a variety of [...]

Techniques for Enhancing Individuals and Interactions

2017-04-13T16:18:55-05:00April 17, 2014|Fusion Blog, Strategic Delivery Posts|

In our most recent Agile blog, Building Agility through Individuals and Interactions, we described how the Agile model, if executed with the right mindset, will enable team members to drive execution and communication inherently within the process, without leadership mandate.  We hope you found this concept to be insightful, but now you are probably [...]

Accelerating Value with Google Cloud Platform

2016-12-06T15:48:02-05:00April 3, 2014|Fusion Blog|

Over the next couple of months, Maven Wave will be participating in several Google Executive Cloud Summit events in cities in Canada and the US.  This week we are in Toronto and Montreal, discussing the many opportunities for businesses with the Google Cloud Platform. During our portion of the presentation, Maven Wave is focusing on [...]

Build Agility through Individuals and Interactions

2017-04-13T16:19:02-05:00March 6, 2014|Fusion Blog, Strategic Delivery Posts|

What is the single most important factor in leading a project to exalted success or bitter failure?  Communication! “Communication” is a vastly overused term, so let us be clear about what we mean when we talk about good communication. We want teams to be efficient in making decisions quickly with effective outcomes.  We want [...]

The Missing Link: Artifact Repository for Development Teams

2017-04-13T16:18:49-05:00February 25, 2014|Fusion Blog, Strategic Delivery Posts|

An artifact repository can get all of your development teams working together, regardless of where they are located. Without an artifact repository in place, your organization may look like this: Without an Artifact Repository Does this look familiar? You work on one or more large enterprise application You have many groups of developers working [...]

IT Investments for Strategic Agility: An Introduction to Agile

2016-12-06T15:48:03-05:00February 5, 2014|Fusion Blog|

Why did Maven Wave chose Agile? Maven Wave specializes in custom solutions for companies that are looking to strategically enhance their competitive edge in their industry.  Studies show that the most “successful enterprises get the infrastructure balance right because they make regular, systematic, modular and targeted investments in IT infrastructure on the basis of an [...]

Who Needs an ILM Strategy? 3 Characteristics of a Good Candidate

2016-12-06T15:48:03-05:00January 30, 2014|Fusion Blog|

In a recent survey, responding companies were found to be using only 30% of the data they had under management and that total data volumes are growing at a rate of 35%. The central premise of Information Lifecycle Management is to manage the data explosion that most companies are facing today by keeping only what [...]

Collaboration and Innovation: Maven Wave Google Customer Summit

2016-12-06T15:48:04-05:00November 19, 2013|Fusion Blog|

Maven Wave hosted the first annual Google Customer Summit on November 13. We invited senior leaders who have "gone Google" to join us for the afternoon at the Maven Wave offices in Chicago. The goal of the day was for our clients to learn how others are leveraging Google within their business, network with Google-minded [...]

Something a Little Different: Maven Wave and Google at the FIA Expo

2016-12-06T15:48:04-05:00November 14, 2013|Fusion Blog|

Attendees of the Futures Industry Association (FIA) Expo in Chicago got a taste of something a little bit different as Maven Wave teamed up with Google to present a high-level vision of how the cloud can transform a business. Jason Lee presenting at the FIA Expo Led by Jason Lee, partner at Maven Wave, and [...]

What Running a Marathon and Change Management Have in Common

2015-08-07T21:01:46-05:00August 21, 2012|Fusion Blog|

Watching Meb Keflezighi place fourth in the men’s Olympic Marathon reinforced a useful analogy for us:  change management projects and marathons have a lot in common. The most obvious similarity? Tenacity. Meb, 37, having suffered a number of physical setbacks including a broken hip in 2008, was one of the oldest marathoners in London and [...]

Should You Be Outsourcing More or Less?

2016-12-06T15:48:19-05:00May 9, 2012|Fusion Blog|

A recent article in CIO magazine titled “Seven Signs You’ve Outsourced Too Much” provides a clever tongue-in-cheek test to evaluate whether your business has gone overboard in outsourcing too much of its IT to outside providers.  One of the danger signs cited, for example, is running out of chairs in your largest conference room for the vendor [...]

Survey Shows Client Satisfaction Higher at Smaller Firms

2016-12-06T15:48:20-05:00August 16, 2011|Fusion Blog|

With all due respect to our friends from Texas, bigger is not always better. A study completed earlier this year by the RFP Company validates this for consulting firms. The global survey looked at factors that drive client satisfaction with consultancies and found that local firms outperformed others, defined as either "Indian", "Big 4", "strategy" or "global" [...]

IT Leaders Must Be Great Leaders and Great Technical Specialists

2016-12-06T15:48:21-05:00April 22, 2011|Fusion Blog|

As more and more CIOs have firmly secured their seat at the strategy table, an correspondingly increasing number of books, articles, blog posts and webinars on the topic of CIO leadership have been published. A book released at the end of last year, “The CIO Edge – Seven Leadership Skills You Need To Drive Results”, (Harvard Business [...]

If You Only Make One New Year’s Resolution…

2016-12-06T15:48:21-05:00December 30, 2010|Fusion Blog|

K.I.S.S. (as in the phrase, "keep it simple, stupid") was first used by Kelly Johnson, an engineer at Lockheed. According to lore, Johnson gave his team a handful of ordinary garage shop tools and challenged them to design jet aircraft repairable by an average mechanic with only those tools. There is a lesson in this [...]