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Faster Delivery and Better Quality with Agile Methodology

Maven Wave differentiates by delivering strategic solutions through a suite of managed services. Our Agile teams engage with leadership to drive product vision while aligning your technology investment with business strategy. Our consultants bring industry best practices and agile methodology to product execution, leadership discipline, and application development patterns.

We deliver three primary objectives at each client engagement:

  • Deliver working software in less than a month
  • Help clients stay ahead in uncertain market conditions
  • Constantly improve process execution to speed-up delivery and improve product quality

How We Do It

Product Vision

Successfully maximizing the ROI on your technology investment requires consistent alignment between the customer and IT. Maven Wave prioritizes the product features by ROI to reduce time to market and increase competitive advantage.

Management Process (Scrum)

Optimizing technical delivery and strategic response to change requires a process discipline that focuses on working software that reflects business value. In our Scrum methodology, the technology will adhere to your ever-changing business needs, not the other way around.

Patterns and Practices

Disciplined, industry-proven development practices are implemented throughout the project to drive clean, scalable code that can be reused and reshaped as business needs change.

Application Lifecycle Management

Maven Wave introduces delivery practices that reduce cycle-time which enables your teams to be more cross-functional and focus on what is really important.


Maven Wave’s UX Agile delivery approach integrates UX and visual design resources inside the delivery model, which yields a superior user experience.

Scaling Agile

Our fine-tuned delivery practices and methodologies address agility scaling challenges by carefully incorporating activities like product vision, roadmap development, and program planning into the delivery process.

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