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Security Solutions2023-03-13T16:28:19-05:00
cloud security solutions

Security Solutions

Protect Your Applications and Data in the Cloud

The speed of innovation and agility of the cloud presents a constantly evolving set of features that can be deployed to provide business functionality in the cloud. But without careful thought, enterprises can create risk with their cloud implementations. Maven Wave has developed a series of offerings to ensure that your applications and data hosted in the cloud are secure.

Maven Wave’s security solutions are organized around 11 Cloud Security Best Practices. The first four of these principles are considerations for planning and design. Principles five through seven in the graphic below are processes and technologies deployed during implementation and on-going operations. Finally, principles ten and eleven can be brought to bear in the event of an incident. Maven Wave combines these principles with Google Cloud solutions like the Data Loss Prevention API, Key Management Services, Forseti, and the Cloud Security Command Center, as well as third-party tools, like Hashicorp Vault, to provide our clients with stable and secure cloud environments.

cloud security solutions


Maven Wave has a full suite of security solutions that can be deployed to help protect your cloud environments:

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