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DevOps solutions


Streamline and Automate Resource Creation to Accelerate Application Delivery

Organizations of all kinds find scaling IT infrastructure to accommodate rapid application delivery or rapid increases in usage to be a challenge. A little over a decade ago, DevOps solutions and services came to fruition seeking to facilitate aggressive resource creation. In a nutshell, the DevOps integrates development, operations, and infrastructure teams to expedite service launches. Silos are eliminated across the IT business unit. Cross-functional assembly lines, known as pipelines, are created across departments, using sophisticated tools and automation techniques to speed up application launches.

IT organizations that follow traditional software development and infrastructure management principles often hit the same hiccups when supplying compliant infrastructure for new application launches. In addition to struggling with availability, infrastructure and operational groups often lag when it comes to accommodating network, identity, and access management (IAM). The security changes required by new applications can also slow down the entire adoption process.


Maven Wave implements DevOps solutions and schemes for customers that need help automating cloud infrastructure consumption and deploying applications on existing traditional infrastructure.

Our method helps enterprises:

There’s no official DevOps playbook. It’s a cultural practice that is continually evolving. Every implementation should be customized according to the practitioner’s unique cultural DNA in order to be effective and fully optimized. But IT organizations too frequently don’t know where to start when deploying new DevOps solutions and services. That’s where Maven Wave comes in.

Our Approach

Maven Wave centers its approach to DevOps around two foundational pillars:

Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

IaC leverages tools that seek to remove the need for administrators to manually log into servers and change configurations. This is achieved by storing server configurations in programmatic — but human-readable — files in source code.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) pipelines:

CI / CD aims to allow development teams to make more frequent changes in code by storing deployment-ready configurations in an easily accessible repository. We create CI / CD pipelines for automated delivery and configuration of deployment packages and containers. This helps to create finely tuned infrastructure for applications with varying profiles.

We leverage the leading tools to solidify our customers’ adherence to DevOps principles. Maven Wave facilitates container management and orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes. We leverage Terraform to implement IaC and Jenkins to establish CI / DC platforms. In all areas, Maven Wave brings reusable code kickstarters to shorten implementation timelines.

Ultimately, we work closely with all business units to ensure our customers can rapidly execute changes to on-premises and cloud environments in an automated and compliant manner. Instead of bottlenecks, we help facilitate collaboration and partnership, which is easy to establish with the help of an external expert who’s not bogged down by internal politics. 

Our operations teams are equipped with advanced monitoring and tools to increase production environment uptime and reliability. IT costs are reduced with efficiencies and operations gains, and security profiles are enhanced with more stable and controlled environments.

Maven Wave’s DevOps solutions include:

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