Find the Information You Need, Fast

Google Enterprise Search delivers the blazing fast, highly relevant results customers and employees are looking for. Use the power of Google search on your company’s website or inside your organization.


of the world’s information is estimated to reside behind a firewall and employee productivity is driven by the ability to quickly find information – CIO Magazine.


  • Find anything: Google Search Appliance can read more than 220 file types – find information in databases, file systems, and common repositories.
  • Secure information: ensure that users can only access the content they are authorized to see.
  • Empower employees: give employees access to accurate, relevant information that they need to stay productive.
  • Enhanced experience: lead customers to find the products and information they’re looking for on your website.

Google Enterprise Search Products

Google Enterprise Search products include the Google Search Appliance for internal search across all databases and Google Site Search for external search on your company’s website. Both leverage the same Google search power that consumers have come to depend on.

Working with Maven Wave

The cornerstone for unlocking productivity within any organization is the ability to quickly enable employees to find and access critical information. Removing traditional friction points and facilitating the ubiquitous access to information drastically improves the efficiency of employees. Maven Wave assists organizations throughout this journey to maximize realization of these benefits.

“Beyond expectations, exceeded expectations, and outstanding. I would recommend this company. They were tremendous.”


Jointly assess and plan for enterprise search benefits for your organization


Assist with install and configure the Google Search Appliance, following best practices to ensure optimal end-user performance


Enable pre-packaged, third-party, and custom connectors to enhance and extend the power of content discovery across diverse repositories

Google Enterprise Search, formerly Google Search For Work, enables employees and customers to find what they need quickly and efficiently. Google Enterprise Search allows for your intranet to be more reliable than ever and saves your employees time and effort when searching for data that they need. Not only does this powerful search tool allow for increased internal productivity, it also saves partners and customers time when looking for data on your network. Google Enterprise Search has a solution for every business. This, alongside many of the other Google Cloud services, will have your business running efficiently and the Maven Wave’s digital transformation team focused on enterprise level businesses can make your transition to the cloud simple.

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