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Save on IT costs and increase agility with Google Cloud Platform

Maven Wave helps guide your journey to Google’s cost-effective, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure and services.

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Innovate your IT infrastructure

Are you held back by expensive or underutilized on-premises data centers? Improve your business speed to innovation with faster deployment and scaled application performance, all while freeing up engineering resources from infrastructure management. Cloud computing leverages all these benefits, but planning a migration or identifying the right solution can get complicated, fast.

Maven Wave helps you plan a seamless migration that avoids outages and saves organizational costs:

  • Assess and analyze your environment

  • Pilot migration of low-risk workload

  • Estimate your costs so you can select the best solution

  • Plan and design the full roadmap

Google Cloud Compute Engine benefits

  • Industry-leading price and performance: Get the fastest network with pay-per-second pricing and no up-front costs
  • Low cost, automatic discounts: Innovative discounts for sustained usage, preemptable instances and committed use save you 60% more compared to other cloud providers
  • Increase organizational agility: Virtual machines available in seconds globally
  • Adjust your infrastructure size to your needs: Instantly scale up or shut down when not needed

Migration to Google Cloud Resources

How Lush and Waze migrated with 0 downtime

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Planning for a Hybrid‑Cloud World infographic

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Download the Google Compute Engine fact sheet


Download the Migrating to Google Cloud fact sheet

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Google Cloud Compute Engine Fact Sheet

Google Compute Engine provides scalable cloud-based virtual machines. Get the benefit of Google’s constant innovation and improvement by using Google Cloud’s highly reliable infrastructure with no up-front costs, pay-by-the-minute pricing and automatic discounts.

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