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Accelerate Innovation with the Cloud

With the Google Cloud, companies can quickly and cost-effectively keep pace with today’s digital transformation. The Google Cloud Platform allows businesses to build and run applications, and store and analyze data, all on Google’s Cloud.


of Fortune 500 companies will be unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage through 2015 – Gartner


  • Run on Google’s infrastructure: build and run applications on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds.
  • Reliable performance: the Google Cloud Platform has unrivaled performance, world class security, and 99.5% SLA uptime.
  • Scale up or down: dynamically scale up to meet exponentially growing storage demands and scale down when traffic subsides – you only pay for what you use.
  • Focus on what’s important: Google manages your application, database, and storage capabilities so you don’t have to.

What’s Included

The Google Cloud Platform consists of the three major categories of Services – Compute, Storage, and App Services. You can selectively choose any individual component or easily combine them together to create a custom solution.

Working with Maven Wave

Google’s Cloud Platform provides the opportunity for organizations to exponentially accelerate and enhance their ability to better serve customers. However, doing so requires aligning clearly articulated business outcomes with a thoughtful combination of dynamic Cloud Platform capabilities to create a successful solution. As a Google for Work Premier Partner, Maven Wave brings the business acumen, technology knowledge, and practical experience to guide our customers in these pursuits.

“They’re thinking about how to help us take advantage of the platform from a business perspective, not solely an IT perspective.”

Business Applications

Agile fueled ability to build, deploy, and dynamically scale your core, edge, or mobile end-point applications

Big Data Science

Distributed ingestion, ubiquitous access, and rapid correlation to derive value from data

Workload Migration

Advisory and enablement for running critical application and infrastructure workloads in a hybrid cloud environment

Internet of Things

Capabilities for deploying, managing, aggregating, analyzing, and returning value on proliferating organizational end-points


“Our customers absolutely love Maven Wave, because they make sense of (Google Cloud), and they do it gracefully.”

Maven Wave specializes in developing solutions that harness the power of the Google Cloud Platform to help you solve diverse challenges; from improving logistics with machine-to-machine data, optimizing marketing campaigns with enhanced customer analytics, to fostering improved information distribution — the opportunities are endless.  We were named the Google for Work 2013 North America Innovation Partner of the Year because of our innovative solutions.

Maven Wave developed a solution framework to help companies maximize the value of the data they currently have as well as streamline a process for gathering, managing, and analyzing the collection of M2M data. Our unique M2M data solution harnesses the power of Google Cloud Platform. Learn more.
Solution architecture developed to provide a process for ingesting and analyzing big data challenges for corporate customers. Leveraging Google’s core technology components, this solution architecture is designed to maximize cloud-based processing and storage. Learn more.
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