G Suite Data Services & Solutions

Depending on your level of data science expertise and availability, we’ve made it easy to purchase only what you need:


Raw G Suite API Data

Do your own analysis leveraging 3rd party tools


G Suite Data Dashboard

Provides a simple and clean view of the data


G Suite Data Insights

Our data science team will build specialized and actionable insights

Why Analyze G Suite Data?

  • Platform adoption
  • Separation/migration activities
  • User and group administration
  • Admin or business-related email funneling and analysis
  • Employee productivity
  • Resource analysis (e.g. conference rooms)
  • Data disposal (e.g. obsolete sites and documents)
  • Content analysis – Legal agreements, contracts, PCI, PII
  • Sentiment analysis


  • Provides access to the entire set of data available in G Suite APIs
  • Fully managed SaaS solution
  • Built on Google’s Cloud Platform technology
  • Executes rapidly at scale

G Suite Data Solutions

Monitor and quantify key metrics using G Suite Data Solutions. G Suite Data Solutions allows businesses to better understand the activities and adoption levels occurring within a G Suite domain. The entire solution is build on the Google Cloud Platform and leverages the data available within G Suite APIs. Maven Wave’s digital transformation team can help your organization get started with G Suite Data Solutions, set up a data dashboard, and identify actionable insights from your data. Contact us today to implement G Suite Data Solutions for your organization.