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Enterprise Collaboration

Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential with G Suite

Disrupters today are light years ahead because they are constantly collaborating, breaking down silos, and leveraging digital technology to achieve better, faster results. Clunky, inefficient workflows no longer have a place in successful enterprise operations. Not only does streamlined communication help organizations speed up delivery and save money, but it also goes a long way toward keeping employees happy, engaged, and growing. The right tools can unlock your team’s full potential for innovation while helping to retain top-tier talent.

With those goals in mind, Maven Wave specializes in digital transformations using G Suite, the cloud-based productivity suite and world-class enterprise collaboration platform. Maven Wave provides enterprises with full-service, disruption-free deployment of and migration to G Suite. It’s understandable that many enterprises can be resistant when faced with the task of overhauling existing processes and incumbent tools, but our proven guidance and expertise makes clients feel comfortable from day one.


Maven Wave has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises transform their business with G Suite. With the Google Cloud Partner Specialization in Enterprise Collaboration under our belt, we’ve proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions with G Suite.


About G Suite

Including familiar, highly popular services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Hangouts, G Suite is a single, connected hub for employee content, collaboration, and tools. While housing all cloud services under one roof, G Suite helps teams connect and get work done from anywhere, on any device. It’s simple to set up, use, and manage, allowing employees to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

G Suite

Benefits of G Suite

  • Productivity: with several options for accessing information while on-the-go, employees can be productive on any device.

  • Collaboration: share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and more – in real time.

  • Innovation: collaborating in the cloud helps to streamline everyday tasks, which frees up more time to spend on the work that really matters.

  • Security: G Suite has dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep corporate data safe, secure and in your control.

  • Cost Savings: G Suite requires no hardware or software and minimal administration, reducing expenditures dramatically.

About Maven Wave’s Change Management

We don’t just stop at delivering G Suite to our clients; we specialize in going beyond the typical cloud implementation partnership. Our goal is to ensure clients are making the most out of their investment, so we develop solutions to help them leverage Google technology to solve their unique business challenges.

G Suite migration is a cultural change, and its success hinges on leaders. Maven Wave has the expertise to guide enterprises of all sizes to large-scale G Suite adoption.

Change Methodology

  • Research: during this phase, we access company culture, create personas, identify changes in norms and behaviors to target, and use assessments to guide the change impact and organizational readiness.

  • Develop: at this point, we use the insights we’ve gathered to shape the initiative, identify key targets for change, define feedback channels and loops, and ensure a solid measurement system is in place.

  • Deploy: we leverage our proven three-phase deployment approach to execute on the research-driven plan.

  • Measure: here, we assess behavioral changes and adjust as needed, communicating progress and reinforcing new behaviors.

Maven Wave leverages best-in-class independent software vendors to streamline G Suite migration and management: Virtru, LumApps, CloudM, BetterCloud and AODocs.


Transform your business.