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Cloud Infrastructure Services and Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Services and Solutions

Build the Foundation for Success in the Cloud

A solid foundation is a critical component to any building.  Successfully deploying cloud capabilities and unlocking the business value of operating in the cloud also requires a solid infrastructure foundation. This infrastructure allows you build up your technology stack and deploy applications with ease, while benefiting from cost-savings, scalability, and the reliability of being in the cloud.

You’ll also improve speed-to-innovation with faster deployment and scaled application performance, which will free up engineering resources from the tedious task of infrastructure management. A low-cost cloud infrastructure releases budget from the things you have to do, freeing it up for the things that really drive transformation and innovation.

Cloud computing provides business benefits, but planning a migration or identifying the right solution can get complicated, fast. Maven Wave helps clients work through challenges at any stage, on any of the major public cloud platforms or multi-cloud environments.


Maven Wave provides full-service support options to assist clients at every phase of the cloud journey.


Is it worth migrating to the cloud?


  • Cloud Strategy: what to migrate when to achieve the greatest business value and reduce risk.

  • Architecture and Application Mapping: linkage of existing business functionality to IaaS/PaaS components.

  • Total Cost of Ownership: determine the total cost to transition to a cloud architecture as compared to current costs.


How do we get started?


  • Proof of Concept: proving out the business benefits of a migration to the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery: protecting and insuring your business in a cost effective way.

  • Risk Assessment: determining and addressing potential threats in an organization.


How do we migrate the right way?


  • Migration Planning: assignment of architecture components and applications to migration waves based on dependencies and business value.
  • Cloud Foundation: Billing Design, Network and System Design, Security Design, Identity and Access Management, Monitoring Design.


Do we have the resources we need?


  • Configuration and Deployment Automation: using scalable DevOps cloud platforms.
  • Data Center Migration: full migration of operations while maintaining business continuity, reducing risk, and reducing infrastructure costs.


How do we keep up with evolving business needs?


  • Cost Review and Tuning: once up and running, adjustment of components to optimize costs.
  • Data architecture Review: confirmation that architecture is the best possible to perform and enable growth.
  • Transition from IaaS to PaaS: identify application migration options to take advantage of cloud native capabilities.

Let’s talk about how Maven Wave’s Infrastructure team can help you build a strong foundation for success in the cloud.

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