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Maven Wave Earns Fifth Google Cloud Specialization: The Infrastructure Specialization

Shortly after earning our Location-Based Services Specialization from Google Cloud in late 2018, Maven Wave has now officially achieved the Infrastructure Specialization as well. Underscoring our expertise in helping enterprises migrate to cloud environments, the Infrastructure Specialization speaks to Maven Wave’s demonstrated success in building client infrastructure and workflows on the secure Google Cloud Platform. This is the fifth Google Cloud specialization for Maven Wave, a Google Cloud Premier Partner; we also hold specializations in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Enterprise Collaboration.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Infrastructure

In order to earn each of its Google Cloud Partner Specializations, Maven Wave had to:

  • Prove its technical capabilities in each area
  • Retain at least four qualified staff members fully trained and certified in the specialization
  • Outline at least three customer success stories addressing successful deployments in each area
  • Present a business plan detailing ongoing investment in that area

Maven Wave has 19 certified cloud architects and several compelling customer case studies as it relates to the Infrastructure Specialization. Keep reading for two examples.

Scaling and Enhancing an Online Platform with Kubernetes

In an effort to keep up with rapidly changing business and technology realities, a large online dating website provider hired Maven Wave to scale and enhance its platform. Maven Wave built a solution that moved the company’s applications to a containerized Kubernetes environment in the Google Cloud, with a continuous improvement and deployment pipeline.

The pilot project demonstrated not just the ease of running an application in the cloud, but also the platform’s capability to rapidly develop both infrastructure and application code in a CI/CD pipeline, facilitating rapid introduction of new applications and features.

Leveraging the Cloud to Pull Actionable Insights from Big Data

Maven Wave teamed up with the Google Professional Services Organization to design a cloud data architecture for a large supermarket chain. The supermarket company already had a large amount of information but needed a scalable way to analyze it all. The solution, which involved Google Cloud, Kubernetes and multiple big data tools, helped the organization pull actionable insights from its data.

The first phase of the design was implemented in the Google Cloud with infrastructure consulting from Maven Wave. Once fully implemented, this architecture will seamlessly digest data from multiple business units into one easily accessible data system in the Google Cloud.

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January 8th, 2019

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