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Maven Wave Drives Better Business Decisions and Enhances Experiences With Location-Based Services Specialization

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner that recently achieved its Location-Based Services Specialization, Maven Wave provides location-based solutions to identify new business insights and enhance user experience from geo-infused data. Maven Wave can help users move from A to Z, track thousands of moving assets, or build immersive gaming experiences.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Location-Based Services

By earning this important specialization, Maven Wave demonstrates its proven success in building and managing applications using the Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform in both web and mobile environments. In order to meet the requirements for the Location-Based Services Specialization, Maven Wave needed to have several qualified staff members and customer success stories; plus, the company had to prove its capabilities and provide its business plan for ongoing investment and staffing in this area. This specialization covers several Google Maps Platform products, including Maps, Routes and Places.

The Location-Based Services Specialization demonstrates Maven Wave’s expertise in creating location-based solutions, which have quickly become vital for the modern enterprise. It is estimated that 80 percent of all business data contains a location component. Now that mobile has become the dominant platform, the ability to engage your users wherever they are is essential. Mobile represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating that usage. Providing location-relevant information to users has become an expectation and Google Maps offers industry-leading mapping tools.

Below are two examples of how Maven Wave’s location-based solutions are transforming the experience of one company’s employees and helping another business to expand its existing markets.

Enhancing Employee Productivity and the Corporate Environment

A national retailer turned to Maven Wave to create a simple, mobile-compatible, and responsive website that would display AutoCAD floor plans of its corporate campus on a Google Map. The application needed to allow users to search for people and points of interest in a search bar — such as offices and amenities —and access point-to-point directions, even between floors and buildings. The application also had to be able to scale to support many large corporate campuses and thousands of rooms and employees. Equally significant, the application had to be available as a web application, and the user interface had to be able to scale to fit multiple device screen sizes and shapes.

Answering the call, Maven Wave created a digitized, interactive indoor mapping solution for five buildings on the retailer’s main corporate campus. The solution, called “My Maps,” is based on a digital Content Management System (CMS) and supporting Software Development Kit (SDK) created by the Danish mapping company, MapsPeople. The application is hosted on Google App Engine, allowing it to scale up and down as demand increases and decreases. The application also uses Google Maps to facilitate user familiarity and usability.

Maven Wave’s digitized, interactive indoor mapping solution allows the retailer’s corporate admins to update and maintain acceptable routes, people, and locations as well as the points of interest to be displayed within the application. The scalable, custom web application enables users to select the picture for their building, type a room or person to find their location on a Google Map, and to choose another room or person to be shown an animated route from point-to-point.

Since the corporate headquarters offers the company’s associates a number of amenities — including a walk-in health clinic, fitness center, on-site daycare and banking — not only are employees able to easily find these facilities, but their work days are more productive, and their experience of the campus environment is more rewarding.

Expanding Markets Through Data-Driven Insight

A multinational brewing company looked to Maven Wave to develop an application that would identify additional customer prospects for their sales representatives to target. Derived from current craft beer data and data from the Google Maps APIs, Maven Wave built an analytic framework and mapping tool. The application aggregated the data into a Portfolio Fit Index and rendered the information dynamically on a map while ensuring the data was easily exportable.

After Maven Wave had gained a better understanding of the brewing company’s business challenges, we then augmented the application with a Machine Learning (ML) model based on a variety of factors, including zip code, the number of Yelp reviews, price level and other key data. Leveraging Google Places, we then developed an algorithm that could scan a defined outer region and then go through and grid search geographic areas.

Maven Wave’s application enabled the brewing company to identify what ‘tier’ a prospect might fall into, with various tiers representing possible revenue spend. The solution provided sales reps not only with additional customers to target, but a prioritized list of top-tiered prospects. This geospatial analysis provides the brewer’s sales force with invaluable data-driven insight into new markets and customers, epitomizing the sales and marketing mantra, ‘A-B-C,’ or Always Be Closing.

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December 5th, 2018

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