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Maven Wave Boosts Customer Acquisition For Retailers With Machine Learning-Powered Marketing Analytics Solution

Google Cloud Premier Partner Offering Demos of Retail Solution at NRF 2020

Maven Wave is focused on helping leading retail and CPG companies boost sales and marketing efforts with its machine learning-driven data analytics solution. The firm’s solution helps retail customers achieve 1:1 personalization with customer data platforms, improve logistics with custom mapping solutions and more. Maven Wave has partnered with some of the world’s leading retail companies to design and deliver transformative outcomes, and the firm will be offering demos of its trusted retail solution at Booth #1229 during NRF 2020.


Maven Wave’s retail solution embeds machine learning-driven recommendations, adding marketing automation and budget scalability. Recommendations include media spend optimization based on predicted lifetime value, advanced audience segmentation utilizing ML, and AI driven advanced product recommendations. Maven Wave can automate the activation of these recommendations through integration with Google Ads and content management systems. Marketing managers can set objectives and limits, allowing the system to run on auto-pilot to optimize budget and hit sales goals.

Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year for the past two consecutive years, Maven Wave leverages Google Cloud tools such as BigQuery, machine learning models and Google Ads to power its retail solution. The firm has earned Google Cloud Partner Specializations in eight areas, including Data Analytics, Location-Based Services, Machine Learning, and Marketing Analytics.

“More than ever, retail customers expect personalization as a standard of service as well as a seamless experience between online and in-store,” said Chris VanKula, Marketing Analytics Lead at Maven Wave. “To meet those expectations and stay ahead of the competition, retailers must integrate AI and machine learning, as well as the latest in data analytics and mobile technologies. We’re looking forward to showcasing our solution, which checks all of those boxes, allowing the world’s leading retailers to boost their customer acquisition efforts while easily optimizing sales and marketing budgets.”

Visit Maven Wave at NRF 2020 January 12-14 at the Javits Center in NYC. Stop by Booth #1229 on Level 1 to see demos of Maven Wave’s retail solution. To learn more about Maven Wave’s marketing analytics offerings and approach, click here.

January 9th, 2020

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