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MapsPeople Announces Partnership with Maven Wave to Further Develop Its MapsIndoors Offering

Today, MapsPeople announces its strategic partnership with Maven Wave to further develop its MapsIndoors solution, an indoor navigation platform that is customizable to each company’s specific needs, with the ability to scale alongside your business. By combining Maven Wave’s mobile applications and consultative, customizable approach with MapsPeople’s indoor wayfinding solution, the companies now offer their clients the tools they need to navigate the workplace, efficiently and strategically.

“Office employees waste valuable time hunting for available office space to work, collaborate, or simply take a phone call,” comments Stevie Grossman, Regional Sales Manager U.S. Northeast at MapsPeople. “By combining Maven Wave’s custom mobile solutions with our indoor wayfinding platform, we provide customers with a clear overview of their office space, available rooms and desks, and turn-by-turn navigation in the palm of their hand.”

The solution is the result of two proud Google Cloud Partner companies working together to provide the best possible user experience. Maven Wave develops the mobile strategy and delivers a custom mobile solution with built-in indoor navigation capabilities developed by MapsPeople. Additionally, MapsIndoors seamlessly integrates with almost any third-party data system, and with Maven Wave and MapsPeople’s client-focused mission, customers benefit from unique solutions to meet their specific requirements. Together, the companies offer clients extensive experience, knowledge, and service within the Google Cloud and Google Maps Platforms.

“Improving the end-user experience is the key and should always be top-of-mind,” adds David Hackett, Central Region Sales Lead at Maven Wave. “What’s exciting about our partnership with MapsPeople is that it allows us to customize a visual solution that eliminates inefficiencies and  simplifies clients’ ability to identify, locate and navigate within a building, complex, or campus. Not only are the use cases countless, but equally importantly as a partner of MapsPeople, we are excited to work with a like-minded company that puts user experience and innovation first.”

Interested in learning more about MapsIndoors? Visit their contact page today to book a demo.

May 1st, 2019

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