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Application Development: The Sixth Google Cloud Specialization for Maven Wave

We’re starting off 2019 strong with two Google Cloud specializations in one month! Two weeks ago, we announced the Infrastructure Specialization achievement (a month after our Location-Based Services Specialization news), and now we’re proud to earn a sixth nod from Google Cloud: the Application Development Specialization. With this certification under our belt, customers can rest assured in our proven ability to help enterprises harness Google Cloud Platform to build and manage cloud-native business apps.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Application Development

As with all Google Cloud Partner Specializations, we went through a thorough assessment to earn this certification, demonstrating expertise, results, and investment in four key ways. We had to prove our technical capabilities in app development, retain at least four qualified staff members fully trained and certified in this area (we have 19 – and more hires on the way), outline several customer success stories in this space and present a business plan detailing ongoing investment.

Keep reading for a sneak peek at two of the case studies that helped us to earn this specialization.

The Power of an App to Help a Longstanding Business Giant Disrupt the Industry

Maven Wave is developing a B2C eCommerce experience for AAA Mountain West Group, a AAA subsidiary with 3,500+ employees and millions of members. Our Experience Design team created a set of wireframes, helped apply AAA’s new brand guidelines to the online space and then executed an agile build of AAA’s production web and mobile car sharing app. The result is an eCommerce site supporting transactional and analytic capabilities that enabled the company to launch its car sharing business, which it’s continuing to scale as new customers and new cars come aboard.

This is one of many examples of how Maven Wave helps long-established brands with digital transformation, so they can stay relevant, innovative and disruptive.

Revealing an Enterprise Video Solution

Another great example of Maven Wave’s app development expertise is the Reveal Video Platform, a familiar video streaming experience combined with enterprise-level security and reporting. Powered by Google Cloud’s Cloud Storage, App Engine, Datastore and BigQuery, Reveal is a multi-tenant app used by multiple clients supporting over 14,000 users viewing more than 1,100 videos. Advantages of this platform include:

  • Accessibility & Scale: Including a responsive design, scalability through Google App Engine and access to Google’s global network
  • Economical Cost: Simple user-based pricing with unlimited usage
  • Security: Integrated with G Suite authentication and authorization, Reveal offers secure storage and transmission
  • Controls & Analytics: Including workflow for controlled publishing, custom metadata,
    permissions for admin, edit and view, and the ability to track and analyze activity
  • Ease of Use: Including a familiar video player, Google search, “My Videos” area for personal content and options to comment, rate and share videos

Overall, Maven Wave’s differentiators when it comes to app development include:

  • Experienced architects well-versed in core app development as well as cloud technologies
  • Extensive agile and traditional waterfall delivery expertise
  • Program management and app development expertise
  • Holistic, integrated solution-building capabilities

Maven Wave is continuing to invest in app development by hiring new talent to staff related teams, allocating funds toward app initiatives and building customer-ready demos in this area. There are certainly more exciting projects to come from Maven Wave’s app development side of the house.

To learn more about how apps can help your enterprise, contact us today.

January 22nd, 2019

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