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A Seventh Google Cloud Specialization: Cloud Migration

The streak continues! With our latest achievement, the Cloud Migration Specialization, we can now say that we’ve earned four Google Cloud specializations over the past two months – bringing us to seven total. We’re proud to hold so many of Google Cloud’s ten Partner Specializations and to have earned a number of notable ones in only a matter of weeks.

Google Cloud Partner - Specialization: Cloud Migration

The most recent addition to our portfolio is especially near and dear to our mission of helping leading companies make the shift to digital and shorten the fuse to innovation. We’re passionate about Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) ability to help enterprises with this transition, and our digital solutions are also built in the cloud. The Cloud Migration Specialization speaks to our proven expertise in delivering a seamless transition to GCP – from building the foundational architecture to the actual mechanics of migration.

Here are two success stories showing how we’ve helped enterprises with cloud migration.

Cloud Migration + Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics = Actionable Data Insights

A large, membership-based services organization was experiencing challenges with its on-premise data warehouse. It was unable to support increasing data volumes and the company’s demand for rapid data insights and advanced analytics. Additionally, the data was siloed in that environment and costs associated with horizontally scaling were unsustainable. So, the company embarked on a multi-phase initiative to migrate its existing data warehouse to GCP.

Maven Wave completed the initial phase of the migration on an aggressive timeline, leveraging technologies such as Informatica, Dataflow and BigQuery. The migration included:

  • Building a data processing pipeline to load historical and ongoing incremental data
  • Auditing that data
  • Providing the client with end-to-end architecture documentation
  • Training stakeholders on best practices in developing data migration pipelines and analytic models

As part of this initiative, Maven Wave also built a predictive analytics solution using data modeling and machine learning to help the organization forecast impacts to membership profitability. Based on the success of the initial phase of the data migration, Maven Wave continues to support this client with its long-term cloud adoption roadmap.

GCP Provides Scalability, Faster Data Processing and Better ROI for Data-Centric Platform

Maven Wave has also worked with ADARA, a data co-op used by the world’s leading travel brands, to migrate data centers to GCP. Because ADARA’s Data Co-op understands travelers’ purchasing habits and preferences in real time to personalize their travel experiences, the platform is constantly evaluating huge amounts of data from various sources. ADARA’s on-premise data warehouse was at the end of its life, over 90% full and not able to economically scale given data volume.

Thankfully, the migration to GCP, facilitated by Maven Wave, helped ADARA to:

  • Reduce switching cost
  • Accelerate speed to adoption
  • Cost-effectively scale as workloads grew
  • Process real-time data faster
  • Increase accuracy in daily analytics decisions
  • Better deliver on customer needs and provide higher ROI

Interested in learning more about how cloud migration can help your enterprise? Reach out to us here to start the conversation.

January 31st, 2019

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