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MSP Technical Support Offerings

MSP Technical Support Offerings2019-09-10T10:34:35-05:00
Benefits StandardCare Package (Free) PremiumCare Package (For Fee1)
Support Desk Business P1: 24/7
P2-P4: 16/5, 4am to 8pm CST
P1: 24/7
P2-P4: 24/5
Ticket Intake Channel(s) Email, Web Form Email, Web Form, Live Agent (2020) and Chat (Q4 Beta)
Scope of Support
G Suite Core Services
Chrome Enterprise
ISV (varies by product)
IAM & Billing Setup
Compute Engine (GCE)
Logging & Monitoring
Basic Networking
Basic Storage
+ Plus
P1 Service Outage Communication
Custom Technical Scope
Meaningful Response
SLO on Best Effort Basis;
Update Cadence
P1: 1 hour
P2: 4 hours
P3: 1 business day
P4: 2 business days
P1*: 15 minutes; updates every 2 hrs
P2*: 2 hours, updates daily
P3: 4 hours, updates weekly
P4: 1 business day; updates weekly
*Takes priority over StandardCare tickets

1PremiumCare Package priced by CloudCare team. Price driven by license count, Google services, and custom scope.