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Maven Application TSG

Maven Application TSG2019-04-17T09:59:31-05:00

Maven App Services Technical Support Guidelines

The following technical support services guidelines (“Guidelines“) apply to support services during the Term of the applicable Customer Agreement and corresponding Maven App Schedule (the “Agreement”) as entered into by and between Maven Wave Partners, LLC (“Maven Wave”) and Customer.

Support Request Submission

  1. General. Customer may submit Requests by phone or email.
  2. Customer Efforts to Fix Errors. Prior to making a Request to Maven Wave, Customer will use reasonable efforts to fix any error, bug, malfunction or network connectivity defect without escalation to Maven Wave. Thereafter, a Customer Contact may submit a written request for technical support via phone or email.
  3. Characterization of Requests. Customers designate Priority upon submission of Requests. Upon receiving a request from Customer Contact, Maven Wave will determine whether the request is a “Critical,” “High”, “Medium”,  or “Low” as defined below.[ table here ]Any such determination made by Maven Wave is final and binding on Customer. Maven Wave reserves the right to change Customer’s Priority designation if Maven Wave believes that Customer’s designation is incorrect and will inform Customer of any such change in its response to the support Request. Customer may appeal any such reclassification to Maven Wave’s Support management for review through any available support channel.
    Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.22.14 AM
  4. Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests. When making a Request, Customer will provide requested diagnostic information including but not limited to: (i) describing the problem, the configuration, and Customer’s network; (ii) providing relevant data; and (iii) communicating further via email or phone to answer questions and assist Maven Wave Support Personnel as appropriate.
  5. Request Acknowledgement. Maven Wave may respond to a Request by acknowledging receipt of the Request. Customer acknowledges and understands that Maven Wave may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve all, Requests.
  6. Feature Requests. If Maven Wave deems a Request as a Feature Request, Maven Wave will log such Request for consideration to add to a future update or release of the Maven App Services and will consider the matter closed. Maven Wave is under no obligation to respond to or resolve any Feature Request or to include any such Feature Request in any future update or release.

Accessing Support

  1. Access Methods. Customer may submit Requests by phone or email.  Customer will be provided with the email address and phone number by Maven Wave Support Personnel.
  2. Support Days and Hours.  Maven Wave shall support the application on Business Days during Supported Hours.
  3. Target Response Times. The table below shows the target response times, during Support Hours, to Requests for each Priority level.
    Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.22.04 AM

Enhanced Support Services (additional fees apply)

  1. General. If Customer requires support above and beyond what is provided in this Agreement, Maven Wave shall work with Customer to defined enhanced support services.  Enhanced support services will incur additional charges.

General Provisions

  1. Updates to Guidelines. Maven Wave may update these Guidelines from time to time but any update will not have a material adverse effect on Customer.
  2. Maintenance.  To ensure optimal performance of the Maven App Services, Maven Wave performs periodic Maintenance. In most cases, Maintenance will have limited or no negative impact on the availability and functionality of the Maven App Services. If Maven Wave expects planned Maintenance to negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Maven App Services, Maven Wave will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide at least seven (7) days advance notice of the Maintenance.  In addition, Maven Wave may perform emergency unscheduled Maintenance at any time. If Maven Wave expects such emergency unscheduled Maintenance to negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Maven App Services, Maven Wave will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of such Maintenance. Maintenance notices will be provided via email.
  3. Language. The parties agree that all support provided by Maven Wave Support Personnel pursuant to these Guidelines will be provided in English.
  4. Term of Support. Maven Wave will only provide the support services described in these Guidelines during the term of the Agreement and will have no obligation to provide any support services to Customer after the expiration or termination of such Agreement or an active Maven App Account License.

Glossary of Definitions

For the purpose of these Guidelines, the capitalized terms below will have the following meanings:

  1. “Customer Contacts” means Administrators designated by Customer to communicate with Maven Wave.
  2. “Maven Wave Support Personnel” mean the Maven Wave representatives responsible for handling technical support requests.
  3. “Maintenance” means maintenance work that is performed on hardware or software delivering the Maven App Services.
  4. “Priority” means the level of impact a Request is having on Customer’s operations and is used to establish target response times.
  5. “Request” means a request from Customer to Maven Wave Support Personnel for technical support to resolve a question or problem report regarding the Maven App Services.
  6. “Feature Request” means a Request by a Customer Contact to incorporate a new feature or enhance an existing feature of the Maven App Services that is currently not available as part of the existing Maven App Services.
  7. Business Days” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or commonly recognized national holiday.
  8. Support Hours” means between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time (CST) on Business Days.