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Marketing Analytics

Transformative Marketing Analytics

A Journey-Centric Approach

Customer journey’s have never been more complex. From multi-channel touchpoints, self-service capabilities, and 24/7 accessibility, customers are more demanding than ever. This creates an enormous challenge for marketers to try and understand each individual journey and tailor marketing messages accordingly.

In this multi-channel and non-linear world, companies are collecting enormous amounts of data, which presents an opportunity to customize the customer’s experience with tailored marketing content. With Google Cloud and machine learning technology, we are changing the way marketers use their data to make decisions, both large and small.

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How We Do It

Maven Wave helps enterprises transform marketing by engaging the power of the Google Cloud Platform to deliver the right message at the right time to each customer. These marketing analytics solutions use machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver an exceptional experience throughout each customer’s journey.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers several data analytics solutions that are used to simplify and speed up the process of transforming raw customer and marketing information into clean, actionable data. Subsequently, Maven Wave leverages Google’s toolkit of sophisticated, large-scale machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities to process and synthesize the information.

The resulting analysis is deployed in a dashboard that helps customers visualize and understand the insights. Unlike traditional marketing dashboards that only assess past activities, Maven Wave’s solution uses machine learning to recommend specific marketing actions. For example, Maven Wave’s Action Center can automatically place bids for search keywords based on a deep understanding of customers’ interests and model-driven predictions of their responses.

This is just one of the ways Maven Wave is working with businesses to deliver innovative marketing analytics tools. By partnering with Google Cloud, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive marketing data platform that can be transformed by machine learning to deliver truly game-changing results.

Let’s talk about how Maven Wave’s Marketing Analytics team can put the power of Google Cloud to work for you.

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