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Optimize Mobile Assets with Google Cloud

Maven Wave is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and we use the advanced capabilities within the Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps APIs to bring analytics to life. In our Chicago Bike Share example, we are demonstrating how to optimize logistics and improve the profitability of mobile assets with real-time data streams. The solution will enable real-time marketing and inventory replenishment decisions based on live bike share data, with implications for many other industries.

The Technology

The demo leverages Google Maps APIs and related web services, including the Directions API, Places API, and Distance Matrix API. It also leverages several Google Cloud Platform products, including BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Cloud SQL, Data Studio, and the Google App Engine Flexible Environment.

How it Works

For this example, Maven Wave is leveraging a public data set from Chicago-based bike share system, Divvy. The architecture diagram below outlines how we we brought this demo to life, using Google Cloud technology.

WayPoints Tablet

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