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Insight Guide: Inspiring the Intelligent Manufacturer

December 6th, 2021|Manufacturing, White Papers|

What does it mean to be a truly intelligent manufacturer? Simple: It means enabling smarter, faster, better, and cheaper operations with a positive impact on teams and a negative impact on carbon emissions. And for enterprises using SAP technologies, it means leveraging the advanced capabilities of SAP through a digital transformation — without burdening your IT team.

The World of Hybrid Work

December 3rd, 2021|Retail, Webinar|

This webinar will teach attendees the value of hybrid work, what a successful hybrid model looks like, how to identify potential hurdles, and how Google Workspace and Atos Maven Wave can make hybrid teams succeed in their place of business.

How Chrome OS Empowers Hybrid and Remote Work Teams

December 1st, 2021|Blog, Enterprise Collaboration|

In a bygone age, the workplace was a fixed point in an individual’s life: work happened at the office or on the job site where teams would coalesce for a set amount of time before heading home for the evening. Work happened almost entirely on paper, and teams relied on in-person discussion or written memos to communicate with one another.

The Evolution of Change Management: From the Pandemic Into The Future of Work

November 23rd, 2021|Blog, Enterprise Collaboration|

Change is hard, especially in recent years. Enterprises have experienced how abrupt change can be — the last two years have caused sudden disruption, to say the least. Rapid pandemic-driven change exposed a global lack of preparation. And although the stage was already set to veer virtually before early 2020, many organizations are struggling to adapt to new ways of working.Change Management

Leadership Spotlight: Sumeet Singh

November 12th, 2021|Blog, Culture|

A new month is here once again, which means it’s time for another leadership spotlight on the Maven Wave blog! This time, we spoke with Sumeet Singh, Technology Partner at Maven Wave, an Atos company and learned about his enthusiasm for nurturing his team’s growth as they prepare for the exciting future of Cloud. Check out our full discussion below!

How Google Cloud Enables Accessible Healthcare for All

November 4th, 2021|Blog, Healthcare|

Healthcare accessibility has become a bit of a buzz term as of late. Like most buzz terms, the definition can easily get lost in the mire and requires a bit of unpacking. Contrary to what the name implies, it doesn’t simply refer to a person’s proximity to a doctor or whether a health system accepts a specific insurance plan.

Putting Sustainability into Action: 3 Strategies for Retail Agility

November 3rd, 2021|Blog, Retail|

Our global supply chains are experiencing an unprecedented stress test due to being “badly tangled,” in the words of one writer. A rare combination of “once in a lifetime” events — the pandemic, natural disasters, shipping container shortages, materials shortages, increased freight rates, and rising energy prices — are responsible for the empty shelves and shipping delays that are impacting product accessibility.

Assessing Your Collaboration Tools: 5 Top Future of Work Considerations

October 29th, 2021|Blog, Enterprise Collaboration|

As the future of work continues, enterprises must take a step back before charging forward. Assessing how legacy or pandemic-patched collaboration tools are performing will play a critical role in ultimately enabling a mobile, collaborative workforce. C-suites must also thoroughly vet new collaboration tools because — despite how robust the tool is — it will only be effective if it aligns with the organization's goals.