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What’s Up in the Cloud: Macy’s, Keybank Embrace Google, New Drive Functions

Maven Wave’s Guide to Google Cloud News

With the plethora of products and solutions falling under the Google Cloud umbrella, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the exciting new features, product updates, and the latest news. That’s why we’ve created this new blog series to offer an overview of what’s buzzworthy in the world of Google Cloud and Maven Wave.

Below is our round-up of the latest announcements in the Google Cloud ecosystem over the past few weeks:

  • Top retailer Macy’s embraces Google Cloud: Macy’s is working with Google Cloud to improve its business operations in several areas, including inventory management, employee collaboration, and creating personalized experiences for their customers. The move to the cloud also enabled the company to streamline operations at its new 675,000 square-food distribution center in Ohio.
  • Keybank uses Anthos to create customer solutions: Keybank has chosen Anthos to manage their internal applications run on VMware, which allows them to manage their entire infrastructure in one central place. As a result, Keybank customers receive a better mobile experience on these applications for actions such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. It also enables the team at Keybank to have more in-depth conversations about long-term financial needs when interacting with customers at a branch.
  • New billing features for Google Cloud: It might seem obvious, but the first step in optimizing your infrastructure costs comes from understanding your billing breakdown. Google Cloud recently introduced new tools to help you gain visibility into your costs. These features include a billing account overview page to offer a summary of your account, dynamic billing reports, and billing exports that enable you to move cost data to BigQuery for additional analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) spelling and grammar suggestions in G Suite: It probably doesn’t shock you to hear that the modern worker spends more than a quarter of their day reading and answering emails. G Suite is making it easier for employees to craft clear messages with a new correction feature for spelling and grammar. In addition to offering suggestions for changes to misspelled words and common grammar errors, it also will offer as-you-type autocorrection for spelling mistakes that are frequently made. 
  • PDF form completion capabilities on mobile in Drive: Good news, Google Drive users: you can now fill in fields on basic PDF forms directly in your mobile app. Google announced last week that people with current G Suite accounts can complete text fields, make selections from dropdown menus, and tick checkboxes right from their phone. It’s important to note that XFA forms or those requiring an e-signature are not supported. 
  • New shortcut function in Google Drive: Nothing is more frustrating than spending three minutes searching for that document you frequently refer to while you’re in the middle of a project. Luckily, a new beta in Google Drive is enabling users to create shortcuts to files both within the same drive or in a separate shared drive. This eliminates the need for users of multiple shared drives to create copies to host in both locations. 
  • BigQuery Terraform module: Google Cloud previously offered automation templates with Terraform that enabled engineers to get set up with GCP, but it did not include BigQuery. The new BigQuery module for Terraform makes it possible for companies to start running data analytics in BigQuery by allowing for the deployment of BigQuery datasets and tables.

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August 27th, 2019

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