Traditionally, at the center of any social enterprise is the company intranet site or portal, which allows employees to communicate, collaborate, and access timely and important information, all in one place. While these intranets typically enjoy great success initially, they seem to result in disappointing outcomes. They often become little more than dormant repositories for documents and outdated content that most employees rarely use.

Maven Wave believes the next generation intranet no longer represents a “thing”, such as a site or portal alone, but rather a “concept”, charged with providing employees with a collection of tools and assets to collaborate and work dynamically.  It must be self-sustainable by seamlessly integrating with primary work streams, eliminating the need for dedicated champions to constantly update the site with the most recent content.  In a next generation intranet, every member of the organization contributes with virtually no extra effort.

The key advantage of a next generation intranet is that you can leverage your company’s existing cloud investments to create a platform with minimal investment to build and maintain. For example, a company that is already a Google Apps for Business user can create a social intranet that leverages tools that employees are already familiar with. These tools are seamlessly integrated, which eliminates the siloing of knowledge and activity.

  • Google+/Communities: newsfeed, employee feedback, community enablementFI_intranet
  • Google Drive: centralized repository for all internal documents and folders
  • Google Translate: option to view intranet in other languages
  • Google Search: search for any content within the company’s intranet
  • Google Hangouts: employee chat and video

There are many benefits to a next generation intranet that will overcome the challenges of your traditional intranet or portal:

  • By incorporating technology that employees already use every day, user adoption increases.
  • There is no more uploading of documents anytime something changes, making the employee investment significantly less.
  • Employees may access the intranet from corporate devices, personal computers or mobile devices, making it possible to access critical resources from anywhere.
  • The cost to the organization is minimal, as there are no new software or infrastructure to set up.
  • Communication and collaboration tools that are available anytime are inherent to a Google Apps-based intranet, helping the organization become a more social enterprise.

You no longer have to imagine these intranet capabilities — they can become a reality for your organization with minimal investment to build or maintain.

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