We are excited to announce that we are #2 on the Crain’s Fast Fifty list of the fastest growing companies in Chicago! The Fast 50 businesses are ranked by five-year revenue growth. Maven Wave has grown 8,089% since 2008, helping us land a top spot on the list.

Targeting sectors that are undergoing major changes, such as financial services and health sciences, and our strategic partnership with Google have been the driving forces behind our rapid growth. “Our customers absolutely love Maven Wave, because they make sense of (Google Cloud), and they do it gracefully,” says Adam Massey, head of Google Enterprises’ America’s partnerships.

Maven Wave was founded in 2008 on the idea that value enhancing business change requires the right blend of problem solving skills including industry insight, management experience, and technical excellence. While the techniques and tools would certainly change, applying this core set of problem solving skills to the right problems at the right time, Maven Wave helps clients achieve the success they seek.

Maven Wave has maintained that same direction, discipline, and focus that have led to our success and growth to date.  Our commitment to the core problem solving disciplines that were central to our founding in 2008, prove their value again and again both in weak markets and in strong ones.

Looking to the future, we expect mobile technology and social media to drive future growth.  “Making applications more social, more mobile, more analytical is a gigantic wave,” says co-founder Brian Farrar.

Thank you to our employees for all their hard work that helped us achieve such tremendous growth!

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