We are excited to announce that Google Enterprise has named us the 2013 North America Innovation Partner of the Year! The award was presented at the Google Enterprise Global Partner Summit in San Francisco in early March.

picmonkey_image-e1400013535316The award emphasizes Maven Wave’s proven track record of increasing product adoption for customers on Google Apps and the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, the award recognizes the commitment we have made over the past year to innovation initiatives using Google Enterprise technology. Our goal is to ensure our clients are making the most of their Google products by developing creative solutions to solve their toughest problems. Here are some examples of innovation initiatives that we have worked on recently:

Maven Wave Video Platform: Enterprise video communication is increasingly being used as a way for companies to share information with their employees and for employees to collaborate with each other. Maven Wave has created a scalable video platform that leverages Google Apps for business to deliver a secure, convenient and cost-effective solution for enterprise video. Maven Wave Video Platform is powered by Google’s cloud infrastructure and can be completely customized with corporate branding. Check out our video for more details on the Maven Wave Video Platform.

Machine-to-Machine Solution Framework: Google stands alone in its ability to scale with the M2M data needs of any size business. Maven Wave developed a solution framework to help companies maximize the value of the data they currently have as well as streamline a process for gathering, managing and analyzing the collection of M2M data. Our custom M2M data solution harnesses the power of Google Cloud Platform. Learn more about how the Google Cloud Platform can bring M2M data to life here.

Social and Workflow Platforms:  Maven Wave has the capabilities to develop internal platforms used for community-building and social networking. A combination of Google Apps, Apps Script and UX design allows us to deliver fully-functional and user-friendly custom sites for our clients. In addition, Maven Wave is creating business-centric workflow solutions integrated into the Google Apps platform.

Next Generation Intranet: Maven Wave developed a concept to overcome the challenges of traditional intranet sites. Our next generation intranet combines a well-designed landing page that simply leverages internal Google tools that are already being used to allow employees to collaborate and easily access important documents. The intranet leverages Google Drive, Google+, App Engine, Search and Groups to create an intranet site that is much easier to maintain.

These are just a few examples of initiatives that contributed to Maven Wave being named the 2013 North America Innovation Partner of the Year. We plan to continue to invest in innovative solutions that help our clients solve their problems with Google Enterprise technology.

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