Get To Know Our Founders: Brian Farrar

Get To Know Our Founders: Brian Farrar

It should come as no surprise that here at Maven Wave we pride ourselves on our company culture. We enjoy the people we work with and make efforts to not only spend time with each other in the office, but take excursions outside of the office as well – whether it be to a Cubs game or gathering around for Happy Hour at a local pub.

But to get to where we are today, we have three very forward-thinking and talented people to thank: Brian Farrar, Jeff Lee, and Jason Lee – the Founders and Partners of Maven Wave.

Here at Maven Wave we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these gentlemen over the years, but we think it’s time for you – our clients, potential clients, friends, and even future Mavens – to get to know them as well. That’s why we invited JSA TV to our Chicago headquarters to conduct one-on-one interviews with each Partner, asking about the company’s history, our continuous growth, the strategy behind Maven Wave and its success, and what lies ahead for both the company and this digital era we’re living in.

First in the hot seat is Mr. Brian Farrar, who sits down with JSA TV host Dean Perrine, VP of Client Strategy at JSA. Brian and Dean get to the meat of what many people are curious about, including:

  • Maven Wave’s year-over-year growth
  • Tricks of the trade for building a company from the ground-up
  • And the digital trends (for better or worse!) that we should stay tuned for in the years to come.

Click here or view above to watch Brian’s interview, and be on the lookout for Jason and Jeff’s videos – coming soon to a Maven Wave YouTube channel near you!

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