Finding Your Organization’s Change Agents

Finding Your Organization’s Change Agents

Your People Are Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

Driving enterprise change is a challenge that oftentimes leads to an unsuccessful outcome, as we discussed in our previous blog. Within large organizations, change projects are ineffective for a variety of reasons. In this article, we dive into how Maven Wave combats the common challenges, along with the steps we take to drive change for our clients. One approach we implement to decrease resistance to change is focusing on people analytics.

Maven Wave partners with Syndioshutterstock_444333169, a people analytics software company. Syndio believes that information is found and work gets done more efficiently through informal networks. Often times there are influencers found throughout the organization who are more successful at disseminating information and driving change than the traditional enterprise hierarchy. When working on a Google Apps implementation, we identify these influencers as our early adopters or change agents.

Influencers can be identified with the help of people analytics, which enables a smarter approach to change management. People analytics is a combination of HR data (the in-depth breakdown of your workplace demographics and performance) and relational data (anecdotal evidence of workplace relationships and digital communication data). This combined data set can help organizations understand their informal communication structures and identify change agents and other key people who will be more successful in driving change. A successful approach hinges on two objectives (Syndio Driving Change blog):

  1. Use the right type of people to accomplish different aspects of the change process
  2. Connect different types of key people to ensure that change cascades and reaches the entire organization

While finding and using a set of key people increases the likelihood of successful change, you can increase the chances for success even further by making meaningful connections between different types of key change agents. People analytics allows organizations to uncover these highly valuable individuals who can work together to use their social influence and instill behavioral change.

Case Study: Syndio recently worked with a large insurance agency to help them quickly implement a new claims processing system. They first assessed the company’s level of adoption readiness and influence among employees, discovering the organizations’ influential groups and individuals. Syndio then helped them understand how to find change agents in a siloed landscape and implemented a relational mapping platform. Syndio’s people analytics strategy reduced the upfront time and costs related to the change event.

Overcoming Resistance to Changeshutterstock_245955418

By taking this approach, organizations can improve their ability to communicate the details of the change initiative and minimize employee resistance, because they are being informed by people they trust. In addition, by identifying influencers throughout the organization from many different levels and groups, information will cascade more quickly.

Finally, as mentioned before, it’s important that these change agents are influential within the company; this doesn’t always mean they are the most senior leaders. These influencers will serve as your on-the-floor ambassadors, counselors, educators, and general go-to people for the rest of the organization. This ultimately eliminates the risk of not maintaining the project timeline in the long run and insufficient project resourcing.

Getting the right team of influencers/change agents in place is key to driving enterprise change management success. This is more relevant today than ever in a world with a globally dispersed workforce. Click here for more information on people analytics and Syndio. Contact us for more details on G Suite!

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