2016 has been an exciting year for Google Cloud. Since Diane Greene joined Google in November 2015, she has focused on elevating Google’s cloud offering for the enterprise. The most recent example of Google’s enterprise focus is App Maker; a low-code application development platform that that lets you quickly build and deploy a variety of custom applications. Every team and employee has their go-to set of applications to get their work done. With App Maker, you can customize the G Suite experience to better meet the needs of your employees.logo_lockup_app_maker_icon_horizontal

Maven Wave joined the App Maker Trusted Tester program in April. As a Premier Partner, we work with Google to evaluate new products and features and felt that App Maker had the potential to improve a variety of business problems. Through collaboration with Google and several customers, the Trusted Tester period turned out to be one of significant learning and product development. Below are a few examples of App Maker applications that we’ve developed to date. 

Total Benefits Calculator

In most organizations, HR summarizes an employee’s total benefits as part of a year-end review process. By illustrating the total benefits provided, employees are able to understand the complete picture of their compensation – everything from salary & wage, to stock, to health care.

Using App Maker, Maven Wave developed a simple calculator that enabled managers to adjust key inputs, such as hourly wage and years of employment, resulting in real-time adjustments to an employee’s total compensation. Managers also found their application to be useful when presenting applicants with hypothetical compensation scenarios during the interview process.

Employee Directory

App Maker isn’t just a platform to quickly develop, test, and deploy applications; App Maker is unique in its integration with G Suite through Apps Script Advanced Services. Using these services, it’s possible to access the same information provided by the Google APIs and easily integrate it into an application.

The Employee Directory application is a great example that leverages this functionality. With App Maker, Maven Wave built an employee directory application, complete with search, auto-complete, material design, and rich user information. The Employee Directory app is a great example of a reusable solution, whether it’s replicating a directory for each division or for different companies altogether.

Performance Management

Performance Management is an area where most companies have a process, yet getting employees to remember key milestones can be a challenge. Here at Maven Wave, we use a performance management app built around our process to track career management and coaching sessions, send milestone reminders, and report progress. Through this application, Maven Wave’s Talent Development team has the tools they need to manage the process and visualize the results.

The Value of App Makershutterstock_519317497

In the time Maven Wave has been using App Maker, we’ve have the opportunity to experience the benefits of using the tool. Our top insights include: 

  1. App Maker allows you to go from idea to functional app in no time. The user interface makes App Maker easier to use than the Apps Script editor and the overall framework simplifies the process of deploying apps.  For example, with one click, you can ‘preview’ your app – no other actions are required to update and deploy prior to testing.
  2. App Maker provides the flexibility needed to improve business processes.  Create a simple app for data entry or create a more complex app that sends alerts, emails, and performs a variety of tasks within your G Suite environment.
  3. Collaborating on an App Maker app is easy.  Use App Maker or Drive to share the app using the same sharing settings you’re used to.

With App Maker, you’re able to empower your teams to do more without worrying about infrastructure. The cloud’s the limit!

App Maker is included with G Suite Business (formerly, Google Apps Unlimited). Contact Maven Wave to find out how to leverage App Maker to do more with your business.