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Securing PII Data in the Cloud for Financial Services

Data protection, particularly for sensitive data like PII (personally identifiable information), is an extremely important consideration for the enterprise. The financial, legal, and reputational costs for non-compliance can be very high. It is a common misconception that moving to a public cloud increases risk. In fact, the adoption of services such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can help to augment and strengthen system security, deliver lower costs, greater flexibility, expanded [...]

February 6, 2019|Financial Services, White Papers|

Maven Wave’s Guide to Building the Foundation for Success in the Cloud

If you haven’t already moved at least some of your workloads to the cloud, you are likely considering it and weighing the pros and cons of being in the cloud. There are countless reasons to migrate to the cloud, but one stands out among the rest: in almost all cases, it’s cheaper. The other primary reason to migrate to a cloud infrastructure is to open up a whole new toolbox [...]

November 14, 2018|Cloud Infrastructure, White Papers|

Why Google’s Cloud Auto ML is its Most Important ML Launch Yet

While always pushing the forefront of advanced machine learning techniques, Google Cloud’s parallel mission and central problem over the last few years has been: how do they make ML more accessible to users? Google has continuously made significant investments in machine learning and artificial intelligence and it’s the latest product, Cloud Auto ML, the company has made its biggest stride in achieving that goal. Cloud Auto ML is a tool [...]

August 5, 2018|Cloud & Machine Learning, White Papers|

Designing Chat and Voice Bots

Today, Google, Alexa, and Siri have become household names in America. Many of us now ask a smart speaker what the weather is for the day, to play a favorite song, or to replace the manual effort of “Googling” something. In fact, almost 20% of US households own a smart speaker. On a nationwide level, that translates to 47.3 million smart speaker owners.

May 1, 2018|White Papers|

Is Machine Learning Right for Your Business Challenges?

One Size Does Not Fit All  Along with crypto assets (think bitcoin and blockchain), machine learning (ML) is currently among the hottest technology topics. However, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard this tune as there have been numerous peaks and valleys in ML interest over the past 30 or so years as new developments spiked interest, and subsequent challenges cooled enthusiasm. While it may turn out to [...]

February 5, 2018|White Papers|

Personas to Pixels

Transforming Personas and Journey Maps to Experiences that Drive Results These days, companies across all industries are focused on improving customer experiences through the use of new and often disruptive digital technologies. For many, the first step in making these improvements is defining detailed customer personas and documenting customer journey maps. While these are certainly important tools for understanding customer pain points, intentions, behaviors, and motivations, [...]

December 13, 2017|Digital Transformation, Experience Design, White Papers|

Machine Learning: The Future of UX

Machine Learning (ML) has recently become one of the most popular buzzwords, but artificial intelligence (AI) has been used across industries for years. For example, the tailored ads we see on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - this is all machine learning. While many businesses may assume ML is impossible or inaccessible, it’s a defining factor to digitally transforming your firm. Combining ML with User Experience (UX) is a [...]

November 6, 2017|UX Posts, White Papers|

Blockchain in Healthcare

New Medicine for a Sick Patient: Blockchain in Healthcare Blockchain is the technology story of 2017. While the public has been captivated by the rise and gyrations of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, behind the scenes a not so quiet revolution is taking shape. Across myriad industries and use cases, blockchain is being developed and tested in ways too numerous to count. One area that deserves special attention [...]

November 6, 2017|Digital Transformation, White Papers|