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Can Blockchain Transform the Healthcare Industry?

Blockchain is driving change in financial markets, but it will also serve as the catalyst for transformation across many other industries. Front and center: healthcare. Maven Wave Principals Andrew Dunmore and Nick Polachek describe the five foundational characteristics of blockchain and explore how these factors apply to the future of blockchain in healthcare. Blockchain began as a financial product and it’s widely known as the [...]

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Removing the Barriers to Move to the Cloud

How to Get Started with Google Cloud Platform Historically, some IT leaders have been skeptical about moving their workloads to the cloud. There have been different reasons for slow enterprise adoption of the cloud; it can feel like a very daunting task that has widespread effects on the entire organization. With the advancements in public cloud products like compute, networking, and storage, in addition to higher-end services for application [...]

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Designing Digital Experiences

Maven Wave’s Approach to Great User Experiences For any business or organization, it’s clear to see that customers and employees are changing; by 2020, people will likely manage 85% of their relationships with little-to-no human interaction. We live in a world that is increasingly social, mobile, and easy to use, with an emerging generation of people who expect dynamic and engaging digital experiences in both their personal and professional [...]

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Product-Focused Agility in a FDA Regulated Environment

A Must to Stay Competitive in the Digital Space Technology has become increasingly important in the way we work and interact. As people rely on technology in their daily lives, they develop higher expectations for functionality, usability, and performance. The life sciences industry is no different—technology is at the heart of research and development, customer interactions, and manufacturing operations. Properly executed Agile software methodologies have become the industry standard [...]

Transformation in Financial Services: Tech to the Rescue for Challenged Industry

The financial services industry has never fully recovered from the 2008 meltdown and heightened regulation, intense competition, and unsettled market conditions make financial services an industry that is facing unrelenting headwinds. How to cope in such an environment? Transformation driven by technology. The old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” is certainly true these days in financial services markets. Battered by the 2008 meltdown and the tsunami of [...]

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6 Analysis Tools for Optimizing Your Feature Portfolio

In our previous article, “Roadmapping for Success, A Product-Based Approach to Life Science Software,” we promised to discuss some of the analysis tools in more detail, and how to pick the right set of tools to optimize your feature portfolio. There are more tools to review than the length of this article allows, so the goal is to introduce the the more popular tools and prioritize application capabilities. Businesses tend [...]

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Shadow IT Part 3 – Making the Digital Transformation

Recap of Parts 1 and 2 Our first post in this Shadow IT series pointed out that in today’s environment, as technology becomes more sophisticated, more analytical, and more social, the skills required for success are changing more dramatically than ever. We argued that the very nature of the work we do is changing. Creating a successful technology-driven business solution is born from a blend of skills that don’t fit [...]

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Why Google Apps for Work is Winning the Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Cloud Race

The battle is certainly on between Google and Microsoft for winning the hearts and minds of enterprise businesses looking to take their messaging and collaboration needs to the cloud. The Google Apps for Work suite has been the disruptive force in enterprise collaboration, shaking up what had become a very complacent Microsoft, since they became the dominant platform in the late 1990’s. Enterprise collaboration is a foundational cornerstone to accelerating [...]