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How to Successfully Run Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform

6 Essential Components If you’re reading this article, you are likely already using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), planning to use it, or maybe you are simply intrigued to learn more. Irrespective of your situation, there are some common patterns and approaches to running Machine Learning (ML) with GCP. Below are the top 6 essential components for a successful outcome. 1. Tensorflow Google has [...]

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Maven Wave’s Top 5 Tech Trend Predictions for 2018

The pace of technology change is fast and only getting faster. Below are our top 5 technology trend predictions for 2018. 2018: The Year of AI Artificial Intelligence recorded some remarkable achievements in 2017. For example, in November alone, the first AI-powered robot passed a medical licensing exam and a deep learning algorithm created at Stanford University outperformed radiologists in diagnosing pneumonia. This is just the front [...]

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10 Tips for Success with Machine Learning

Whether you are currently working on a big machine learning idea that is going to fundamentally change the status quo or you are just trying to get caught up with the ML frenzy, there are some important considerations to be successful with machine learning initiatives. Irrespective of your situation, we have compiled 10 tried and tested factors that can help change the outcome of your next machine learning [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Eli Ruvalcaba

Eli Ruvalcaba - Google Deployment Lead Eli Ruvalcaba serves as the Google Deployment Lead at Maven Wave. Prior to Maven Wave, Ruvalcaba worked in the consulting practice at Slalom. Ruvalcaba attended Purdue University and St.Xavier, studying multiple disciplines before landing on Management Information Systems (MIS). One of his hobbies is DIY home automation; in fact, Eli designed, general contracted and helped build (some of) his current home. [...]

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Disruption with Data: Don’t Get Left Behind

What It Takes To Stay On Top We are all acutely aware that the world of business has changed dramatically from the 1950s to the present day but it’s still comes as a shock to see that only 60 of the companies that were in the Fortune 500 in 1955 are still there today. Over that span of time, 88% of those Fortune 500 companies have fallen by [...]

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Top 5 G-Suite Tips & Tricks for Administrative Professionals

Employees are constantly striving to boost their productivity and efficiency to check off as many tasks as they can on their to-do list. G Suite’s set of productivity tools allow teams to easily collaborate in real-time. With G Suite, employees can connect with co-workers, work on projects simultaneously, and access files at anytime. In previous blogs, we discussed ways to improve efficiency for marketing, sales, and HR teams. In [...]

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2017 Maven Wave Customer Summit Recap

Maven Wave recently hosted our 2017 Customer Summit, in which leaders from many of our customers came together to learn, build a network of peers, and discuss today’s digital enterprise. With a theme of “the art of the possible”, the 2017 Maven Wave Customer Summit presented a comprehensive and ambitious view into the latest in the tech world. Keynote: How to Create an Exponential Mindset The [...]

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Top 5 Takeaways from the CAO Forum

Maven Wave sponsored the 2017 Chief Analytics Officer Forum in Boston on October 3-5, 2017, hosted by Corinium Global Intelligence. The conference is led by CAO’s and attended by 300+ top-level analytics executives. It was a well-executed event with insightful speakers, peer-to-peer networking, and valuable actions for analytics teams from all industries and sizes. Below are our top takeaways and insights from the conference. 1. Do not discard traditional [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jenny Jacobs

Jenny Jacobs serves as a Change Management Consultant for the Google Cloud practice at Maven Wave. Prior to her position at Maven Wave, Jacobs was a Process Engineer at FactSet. Jacobs attended Purdue University, earning a degree in Operations Management. In her free time, Jacobs enjoys gardening, spending time with her family and dog. One fun fact about Jacobs is that she knows how to play a pipe [...]

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Ask The Expert: Geolocation for the Enterprise

Geolocation is revolutionizing the enterprise in unimaginable ways. Geo provides the necessary tools for businesses to transform their strategy, analytics and experiences for clients and customers. Taking advantage of the endless possibilities geo has to offer opens up and expands revenue opportunities for enterprises that have never been possible before. In this Ask the Expert interview, we sat down with Shel Davis, our Geo expert to answer questions [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kayla Guajardo

Kayla Guajardo serves as a sourcer on the recruiting team at Maven Wave. Prior to her position at Maven Wave, Guajardo worked at KForce as a Technical Recruiter. Guajardo graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, shopping, spending time with friends, and playing with her new puppy! Can you describe your role as a sourcer at Maven [...]

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Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 4

The point of this blog series has been to suggest that the traditional departmental corporate form (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, ops, IT, etc.) remains virtually unchanged since its origin at the dawn of the industrial age. Back then, innovation moved in multi-year cycles and infrastructure and depth were more determinant of success than speed of innovation. If the two decades since the dawn of the internet have taught us [...]

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