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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kayla Guajardo

Kayla Guajardo serves as a sourcer on the recruiting team at Maven Wave. Prior to her position at Maven Wave, Guajardo worked at KForce as a Technical Recruiter. Guajardo graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, shopping, spending time with friends, and playing with her new puppy! Can you describe your role as a sourcer at Maven [...]

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Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 4

The point of this blog series has been to suggest that the traditional departmental corporate form (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, ops, IT, etc.) remains virtually unchanged since its origin at the dawn of the industrial age. Back then, innovation moved in multi-year cycles and infrastructure and depth were more determinant of success than speed of innovation. If the two decades since the dawn of the internet have taught us [...]

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5 Strengths of Winners in Digital

There’s no question that the need for businesses to evolve for the digital age is here; it’s no longer something companies can put off.  Now, it’s just a question of how to get started. When looking at the competitive landscape, there are certain companies that always seem to just get it and manage to stay far ahead of the curve. Airbnb, Amazon, and Tesla are just a few [...]

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Transparency: A Crucial Element to Creating an Engaged Workforce

Business transparency is a key factor in developing a more engaged employee workforce. Transparency leads your employees to trust upper management - this sort of trust is only achievable by openly sharing information throughout the organization. Fostering a successful transparent environment keeps employees engaged, focused, and motivated. Transparency has become a very sought-after core value among today’s enterprise. As consumers, we have become conditioned to having access [...]

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Beyond the Machine Learning Hype: Solving Vexing Problems in New Ways

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that artificial intelligence--really machine learning, is going to take over the world. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have recently sparred each other over the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has a well known belief that the future looks more like Ridley Scott’s famous cult science fiction film Blade Runner [...]

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Maven Wave’s Intern Class of 2017

This year, we launched our first Intern Program at Maven Wave, bringing in five interns from the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan for the summer. Our interns gained invaluable consulting experience by working on a series of projects with various teams across the company. Learn more about our interns and their experience at Maven Wave below! Paige Sekely University of Illinois During [...]

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Tapping IoT to Improve Marketing, Logistics, and Data

IoT The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a huge impact across many industries in recent years. The ability to collect real-time analytics from dispersed machines and devices has opened up a whole new world of opportunity. IoT is a connection of devices that capture data; this collection of data allows organizations to increase efficiency and productivity through the assessment of IoT analytics, which in turn, cuts costs for companies. [...]

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Ask The Expert: Data Analytics

In today’s market, data analytics play a large role in the success of an organization. Analyzing data leads organizations to uncover insights to make more intuitive business decisions. In the age of digital transformation, utilizing analytics within your business is a necessity to stay competitive. In this Ask the Expert interview, we sat down with our newly hired data analytics experts, Debbie Callahan and Todd Truesdell, to answer frequently [...]

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Bio-IT World Wrap Up: The Intersection of Cloud, Data, Knowledge, and Analytics

Maven Wave recently attended and sponsored the 15th annual Bio-IT World Conference in Boston. The conference brought together over 3,400 attendees from across the world to share best practices, innovation initiatives, and digital journeys within the pharmaceutical industry. This year, Bio-IT World focused on topics such as cloud computing, data integration, knowledge management, and informatics— the essential components to building a digital environment. A key theme surrounding this conference was that [...]

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Digital Transformation is Business Transformation

Maven Wave attended and sponsored the 2017 Forrester Digital Transformation conference in Chicago this week. The event brought together business leaders and technology innovators to collaborate on the re-invention of products, processes, technologies and cultures through digital transformation. The event focused on how to increase efficiency and agility with operational excellence, while creating customer-obsessed experiences that grow revenue and re-invigorate businesses. During the keynote session on the [...]

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Ready for Take-Off: Blockchain Adoption in Financial Services

No technology has captured the public's imagination over the past couple of years more than blockchain. While the roots of the technology can be traced back to the ‘90s, the actual implementation of the concepts of a distributed ledger began to take flight with the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. While bitcoin attained something of a taint in the public’s imagination due to its early adoption in criminal enterprises and [...]

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Rethinking the Corporation: The Digital Innovation Lifecycle Part 3

Throughout this blog series, we’ve been suggesting that the traditional departmental corporate form (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, ops, IT, etc.), universally applied, and virtually unchanged for over two centuries, is killing innovation in leading corporations around the world. From the way companies develop strategy, serve customers, and attract employees, to the way they create and manage work product, digital is driving the need for innovation. In our first post, [...]

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