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Building Faster: Workshop-Based Experience Design

It’s safe to say everyone agrees that the ideal approach to experience design is to start by investigating your users, gaining insight into their behaviors and motivations. From there, you move into detailed design of all aspects of your system. But what happens when this sort of user research and design approach isn’t practical, because of budget, timeline, or other concerns? To address these cases, we’ve developed a leaner, [...]

December 19, 2017|Experience Design, Fusion Blog|

Personas to Pixels

Transforming Personas and Journey Maps to Experiences that Drive Results These days, companies across all industries are focused on improving customer experiences through the use of new and often disruptive digital technologies. For many, the first step in making these improvements is defining detailed customer personas and documenting customer journey maps. While these are certainly important tools for understanding customer pain points, intentions, behaviors, and motivations, [...]

December 13, 2017|Digital Transformation, Experience Design, White Papers|

Designing Digital Experiences

Maven Wave’s Approach to Great User Experiences For any business or organization, it’s clear to see that customers and employees are changing; by 2020, people will likely manage 85% of their relationships with little-to-no human interaction. We live in a world that is increasingly social, mobile, and easy to use, with an emerging generation of people who expect dynamic and engaging digital experiences in both their personal and professional lives. [...]

Why UX Matters

Peter Bartsch, UX Architect As the enterprise is digitally transforming, exceptional UX design is crucial to staying competitive. The essence of good UX is dependent on how the user interacts with the design—usability is vital. We dug deeper into the field of UX with Peter Bartsch, one of our UX Architects, who gave us insight into emerging trends and the value UX delivers to any project. What is [...]

October 31, 2016|Experience Design, Fusion Blog|

Consumerization of IT and the Marriage of UX and Agile

According to a recent Tech Pro Research study, 74% of organizations have or are developing some form of BYOD policy (ZDNet, Jan 2015). Users both inside and outside the four walls of the enterprise want simple and easy to use apps to do their jobs. Data visualization is increasingly playing a role in the management of organizations across multiple industries. Nowhere is the effect of user experience and data visualization [...]

January 26, 2016|Experience Design, Fusion Blog|